Elon Musk fired Parag Agarwal and dubbed bird free

Elon Musk fired Parag Agarwal and dubbed the bird free!

Indeed, Parag has been freed from his position as chief executive officer of Twitter. Elon Musk dismissed Parag Agarwal from his current job. However, things didn’t end there. Musk posted via Twitter saying that his bird was released.

Parag and Elon did not have a good relationship between them. Even though Elon is a bit of a diva, his working style wasn’t in line with Parag’s. Indian techie.

Twitter was previously referred to as a channel of communication that was leftist. It is now under the control of Elon Musk.

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Let us now look at all the fights that have been fought between Elon Parag and Elon. Parag:

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, Tesla’s CEO, and Twitter are engaged in a legal fight over Twitter’s attempts to pull out of the $44 billion deal that was signed to buy the social network.

The amount of fake accounts on Twitter is a cause of dispute between both parties.

Elon Musk has often accused Facebook of deceiving it regarding fraudulent and fake accounts.

On August 6 on August 6, the Twitter account summarized Musk’s allegations and claimed that Twitter supplied him with inaccurate and inaccurate data.

In the response, Musk stated, “If Twitter only gives their method for sampling 100 accounts, and the way they can be verified as real, the deal can be completed on the initial conditions.”

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He also offered to challenge Twitter Chief Executive Parag Agrawal to a public debate on the bot’s proportion in the Twitter platform.

“Let Musk demonstrate to the public that 5 percent of Twitter’s average daily users are either fake or spam!” Musk stated.

Twitter says that less than 5 per cent of its Account are spammy. However, Musk says that the number is close to 10 per cent.

He was on Saturday when he started an online poll on this bot-bot debate via his Twitter account.

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