Elden Ring Where To Locate Stars Of Ruin

Elden Ring Where To Locate Stars Of Ruin

If you’re looking to unlock all the legendary spells from Elden Ring, you’ll have to get Stars of Ruin. But, this one requires you to put some effort into the side-quests that focus on sorcery. But don’t fret, as we’ve got the information you need to locate the sorcery you’re looking for, as well as add it to the collection.

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Stars of Ruin explained.

Stars of Ruin is sorcery that requires 43 Intelligence in order to use. It fires homing stars at enemies dealing significant poise damage. Due to this, it’s extremely effective in battles between PvP players.

The description of the item for Stars of Ruin is:

Legendary Sorcery was invented by Lusat, the ancient sorcerer. The spell fires twelve shooting stars, which follow the intended target. The spell can be used when in motion. Charging boosts the power. When Lusat was at the edge of the primal stream, he saw the last moments of a huge star cluster. After viewing it, he, too, was broken.

Where can I locate Stars of Ruin?

Stars of Ruin is found within Sellia Hideaway in Caelid. You can enter the cave’s hidden location anytime; accessing the ability requires the use of an item obtained through the course of a side-quest. That being said, you must ensure you adhere to our Solen Quest Instructions until you get to the point where she grants access to the Sellian Spellbreaker and requests that you go to Master Lusat.

When you’ve got The Sellian Spellbreaker, head to the northeastern part of Caelid to the spot on this map. There’s a sorcerer positioned before a high tombstone in the area. The tombstone behind him is an illusionary wall broken to get to Sellia Hideaway.

Get rid of an illusionary wall to gain access to Sellia Hideaway.

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In this dark cave, take the linear path and eliminate the miners along the route. When you decide to drop into the pit or cross one of the crystals, you should choose the second. Continue to move forward, jumping across some gaps until you come to another crystal leading towards the direction from which you’ve just come. You’ll be able to tell if it’s the right one when you spot the crystal snail hanging on the crystal.

Continue to follow the crystals into the second pit. In the part of the area, there is a barrier that could be opened with the Sellian Spellbreaker. Inside, you’ll meet Master Lusat, and interacting with him will reward the Stars of Ruin, in addition to progressing Sorceress Sellen’s journey.

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