Elden Ring: Where to Get Maiden’s Blood

Elden Ring: Where to Get Maiden's Blood

One of the great advantages of RPG game is that you’ll meet an NPC randomly, offering the player a thrilling adventure and great rewards. One of them is Varre who will scold the player for being a maidenless. Then, he will request you to locate him Maiden’s Blood. This is the information on how and where to find the Maiden’s Blood inĀ Elden Ring.

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Where to Get Maiden’s Blood in Elden Ring

To obtain the Maiden’s Blood You must visit the Rose Church in the Liurnia of the Lakes. You will need talk to the priest who will ask your opinion regarding your Two Fingers. Say, “They didn’t seem right,” and as a reward, he’ll give you 5 bloody and festering Fingers.

Make sure you have bloody fingers and then, He will grant to you Lord Blood’s favor and request that you wash it in the blood of an innocent maiden. This is possible with any maiden. However, you will find two who are closest to you.

The first is situated close to in the Church of Inhibition, northwest of the Minor Erdtree. In order to find Second Maiden, go to The Four Belfried and grab the Imbued Sword Key from the chest located in the middle of the belfry with the highest.

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Utilize the object on the belfry , which is titled Precipice of Anticipation and it will take one to the Church of Anticipation. You must fight against the Grafted Scion again, but this time, you’re capable of defeating it.

After you have defeated the enemy After defeating him, cross the bridge and you’ll see the body of a girl. Talk to her, then go back the Rose Church and give Varre the bloody cloth. Following that, you’ll be gifted your bloody Finger, a weapon that can snoop around into the realm of players. In contrast to Festering Bloody Fingers, you can make use of it as often as you like.

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