Elden Ring: Where To Find Whetblades & What They Do


To alter the affinities and affinities of their weapons, Elden Ring players will be required to hunt for different Whetblades in all of the Lands Between.

Elden Ring provides the flexibility needed for changing weapons, and players are able to alter their weapon’s affinity using a variety of Whetblades available in all of the Lands Between. Affinities affect the size of a weapon and some also provide additional kinds of damage for example, cold, fire or poison. Each Ash of War in the game has some affinity Whetblades permit players to alter the scale of a weapon and its damage, without sacrificing the power of the Ash of War.

To use different affinities on weapons that are found in Elden Ring, players first need to gain access to Ashes of War in Elden Ring by purchasing the Whetstone Knife. It is located in the Whetstone Knife can be found in the south-western part from the Gatefront Ruins at the bottom of a set of steps on the other side of the main pathway that leads to the ruin. But until the players locate other Whetblades and find them, they’ll be allowed to use it with the Whetstone Knife to apply the default affinity of an Ash of War, or the Standard Affinity, which doesn’t change the scale or damage of the weapon.

When Elden Ring players have acquired the Whetblade and the affinities it could give will be available when players switch Ashes of War at a Site of Grace. There are five Whetblades which can be found inside Elden Ring, comprising The Iron Whetblade, Glintstone Whetblade, Red-Hot Whetblade, Black Whetblade and the Sanctified Whetblade. With these specific instruments, gamers can tweak nearly any weapon to fit the Elden Ring characters design There are certain weapons that are available in the game possess distinct abilities and can’t be modified using Ashes of War or Whetblades.

Iron Whetblade’s Location in Elden Ring

Iron Whetblade Iron Whetblade can be used to increase the Keen, Heavy or Quality affinity to an armament within the Elden Ring. The Heavy affinity enhances the strength of a weapon and reduces other scaling. On the other hand, the Keen affinity improves the weapon’s Dexterity while decreasing the weapon’s Strength and Base Damage. The Quality affinity is a balance between Strength and Dexterity. This gives an increase in both, but at the expense of your weapon’s damage base.

The Iron Whetblade can be found in Stormveil Castle near the Rampart Tower Site of Grace. If you go down the elevator from the Tower, you will discover an enclosed courtyard right side of the area which is guarded by the Grafted Scion in Elden Ring. There’s an armory via the door to the left, with the corpse lying cross-legged close proximity to the fire that players can take for The Iron Whetblade. However, players must have the Stonesword Key to disperse the fog that blocks the entrance of the armory.

Elden Ring – Where To Find The Glintstone Whetblade

The Glintstone Whetblade lets Elden Ring players to include an Magic as well as a Cold affinity on their weapons. While both affinities enhance the effectiveness of a weapon’s Intelligence scaling however, the Magic affinity is a way to increase Magic damage as well as the Cold affinity increases the amount of Frostbite that is added on the weapon. However the Cold affinity will decrease the other scalings, whereas it is the Magic affinity will only reduce the strength of Dexterity and Strength as well as Base Damage.

The Glintstone Whetblade is located on a body in the office at the Raya Lucaria Academy near the Debate Parlor Site of Grace. In the vicinity from the Debate Parlor, is an unfinished staircase leading to the group members of Elden Ring’s magical Noble Sorcerers sitting in the front of the office, holding the Whetblade. The corpse is laying on the balcony, just to the left of the office’s front door.

Where To Find The Red-Hot Whetblade In Elden Ring

The name implies that it is the Red-Hot Whetblade can be used to increase the Elden Ring’s Fire and Flame Art affinities to an weapon. Although the affinities are identical they differ in that the Fire affinity is a way to add Fire damage to weapons and reduces other scalings. Contrarily, the Flame Art affinity provides less Fire damage, but it increases Faith scaling.

It is believed that the Red-Hot Whetblade can be found in a dead body within Redmane Castle either before or following during the Radahn Festival section of Ranni’s quest. In in the Chamber Outside the Plaza Site of Grace the players are able to walk past the soldiers with flames to the left and find an avenue that takes them direct to the space that houses the Whetblade. But, if they go through Redmade Castle during the festival quest, the entrance to the room will be locked until the quest is completed.

Elden Ring – Black Whetblade Location

It’s the Black Whetblade is one of the most difficult Whetblades to find in the Elden Ring because it’s situated in an unrestricted zone that is difficult to access, yet it allows you to unlock the Poison Blood, Poison and Occult affinity options within the Ashes of War menu. These Occult and Blood affinity increases Arcane scaling, but at the expense of other types. However, the Blood affinity can provide additional Bleed-related damage. The Poison affinity can add Poison damages to weapons in the Elden Ring while increasing the weapon’s Strength, Dexterity and Arcane scaling.

The Black Whetblade is found on the body of a dead person lying on top of the altar at the Night’s Sacred Ground in Nokron which is known as which is the Eternal City. To get to this location players have to travel through the city’s rooftops as well as ledges. From the staircase with massive, crumbling statues in The Ancestral Woods Site of Grace, players can climb into the roof’s dome to access a huge balcony, where there is a Silver Tear enemy lays in the waiting area. In the distance of this balcony there’s an arch that has collapsed which leads directly into the room with an Black Blade. The altar is to the left when you drop to the floor.

Elden Ring – How To Find The Sanctified Whetblade

The Sanctified Weaponblade can use to give Lightning or sacred affinity to weapons in the Elden Ring however, players might not have the ability to acquire it until later in their game. It is a Sacred Affinity increases Faith scaling and also adds Holy damage, but at the cost of some of the weapon’s basic physical damage. For instance the Lightning affinity boosts the scaling of Dexterity and also adds Lightning damage, however it also reduces its base damage as well as strength.

The Sanctified Whetblade is located in Leyndell, Royal Capital, which is among the more prestigious dungeons within Elden Ring. There is an outdoor area that lies between Fortified Manor – First Floor Site of Grace and the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace with a tree that falls towards the building. To the left from the tree visitors can climb up a wooden platform to access the manor by going over the collapsed portion that is the balconies. The Sanctified Whetblade can be found situated in the next room the middle of a small set stairs.

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