Elden Ring: Where To Find Pidia The Carian Servant

Elden Ring: Where To Find Pidia The Carian Servant

Pidia Is an NPC merchant from Elden Ring hidden within the Caria Manor. To get to Pidia, Tarnished must find a hidden entrance to the roof of the manor.

Pidia, also known as the Carian Servant, is a shady NPC retailer within the Elden Ring who lives on a private balcony in Caria Manor’s Lower Level. Manor Lower Level building within Caria Manor. Although the housekeeper’s appearance isn’t an integral element of any NPC quest, he’s probably in league with Preceptor Seluvis. This devious pompous sorcerer wants to take Ranni’s essence and use it for his own. Tarnished will be able to tell this by the Carian guard puppets from Elden Ring that are a part of his terrace.

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Elden Ring fans might want to find the mysterious Caria Manor because the NPC sells a wide range of exclusive wares and rare items like a special Ash of War and a Glintstone Craftsman’s Cookbook. But, when exploring the Mansion, Tarnished adventurers will not have access to his balcony through the structure he’s in. This is due to the fact that the entrance to the terrace is a gap at the top of Manor Lower Level. Manor Lower Level, accessible only via The Three Sisters sub-region.

There are two ways to get to Pidia within the Elden Ring. However, both of them take you to the same entry point on top of the roof. The first option is for those who haven’t yet visited Caria Manor and haven’t reached the Three Sisters. It is worth a visit. Caria Manor is a major landmark that is located in the northwest region of Liurnia of the Lakes. The adventurers can reach the area by traveling north on the western road of the region. There are various points from which Tarnished can access the highway, and there’s no need to specify any particular spots.

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Pidia Merchant Location In Elden Ring

From beginning at the Main Caria Manor Gate, go into the courtyard toward the fountain in central. Enter the archway to the rear and proceed northwestward through a tiny garden. The trail leads towards Manor Lower Level Site of Grace. Manor Lower Level Site of Grace which is located beneath Pidia’s site. Remember that large and small Fingercreepers protect the trail leading up to this location. Take the stairs up and then cross the overpass leading to an elevator to Manor Upper Level. Manor Upper Level. The entire area is guarded by blue guards specializing within the Elden Ring.

The next step is that Tarnished must head to The Royal Moongazing Grounds and take on Royal Knight Loretta during combat. Once she is defeated, take the back exit to the right, and head toward The Three Sisters. Take a walk southwest along the cliff’s edge until you come across one Cerulean Scarab. The creature indicates the point at which Tarnished must leap down on the roof, which leads to a jumping puzzle below.

The small cliff of the Scarab can also be reached by those who have already been to The Three Sisters. They Tarnished may instead depart from Ranni’s Rise and go southeastward. After carefully stepping down into the wood platforms that run along the wall’s outer edge, the players will arrive at the exit leading to Pidia’s balcony in Elden Ring.

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