Elden Ring: What to Do To Join Renna’s Rise

Elden Ring: What to Do To Join Renna's Rise

Renna’s Rise is among the three towers which make up The Three Sisters. The players must complete some things to Ranni before they are able to gain entry, though.

Updated on August 1, 2022, by Erik. Petrovich The name Renna’s Rise comes in honor of the witch Renna, whom players could meet within the Church of Elleh after receiving Torrent. Of course, Renna is actually Ranni, and the two eponymous Towers are quite near to one another. The players will find Renna’s Rise closed off; however, to access The Three Sisters in the first location, players must go to one of the most frightening zones: Caria Manor.

Caria Manor is home to a myriad of beasts, the most notable being the presence of Fingercreepers; however, it needs to be cleared to access Renna’s Rise in the first place. Then it’s just a task to work with Ranni to earn her trust.

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Where is Renna’s Rising?

The location is in Northern Liurnia. There is an area just beyond the Four Belfries known as The Three Sisters, which includes Ranni’s Rise and Renna’s Rise, as well as Seluvis’ Rise. Players will find Renna’s Rise in the northernmost of the three towers, sealed off by a mysterious barrier.

Three Sisters Three Sisters can’t be accessed from any location, however: players must go through Caria Manor, a misty and obscure Legacy Dungeon that houses some of Elden Ring‘s most frightening enemies.

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How To Access & Through Caria Manor

Caria Manor is an overworld cavern situated in Northwest Liurnia that is crawling with spooky enemies – literally since most of the enemies, there are Fingercreepers. There are also some spirit warriors. To reach it, begin by going to your Converted Tower of Grace located in southwest Liurnia and proceed straight to the north for a few minutes, including one of the Four Belfries. Beware of the arrows falling from the sky as you near the entry point, and make sure to ignite the light near the entryway.

Ensure you bring the source of fire damage since it stuns Fingercreepers and inflicts massive injury to them. There are numerous hand-spiders on the earth waiting for you to grab an item to lure them or walk through them without knowing before bursting into life. Take care to navigate towards the top of the hill, from your entry point to the church. From there, walk across the ramparts, up the steps, and past some groups of enemies to reach a large pool surrounded by chairs. Fighting Royal Knight Loretta, and you’ll be able to gain access to The Three Sisters area.

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How To Join Renna’s Rise

Renna’s Rise is obstructed by a mysterious barrier like those at Sellia, Town of Sorcery, or the Hideaway. Go back to Ranni’s Rise, and climb up to the top of the hill to talk about the situation with Ranni as she begins her quest. The goal is to find Nokron in The Eternal City with her servant Blaidd. After completing his quest and defeating General Rahn, the star will smash the ground to the north in Fort Haight, opening up access to the upper parts of Nokron. Make sure to walk through the pit with care, and you’ll be able to access an area known as the Siofra River Aqueduct.

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Go through the portal, defeat the Mimic Tear boss and then hug the left-hand side of this grassy area in order to avoid the Worshippers. You will find a Site for Lost Grace tucked behind a rock wall. There’s a roof beneath the Grace, and you can jump off and fight through Silver Tears as you descend to the bottom of the hill, where there is a huge Skeleton Statue. Besiege this Silver Tear Giant and pick The Fingerslayer Blade in a chest underneath the statue. Return to Ranni and present her with the blade and then reload the area to access Renna’s Rise and complete the rest of the questline for Ranni.

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