Elden Ring What to do After Burning Erdtree

Elden Ring What to do After Burning Erdtree

Burning the Erdtree will be one of many endings in Elden Ring. Lands Between contains the Erdtree. It is a bright, prominent tree. This tree is an emblem of the vast world of the game and holds great importance.

Elden Ring What to do After Burning Erdtree? Burning it can cause eyebrows and raise questions about the consequences. This guide will help to clear up all of these questions and more. Continue reading to learn more about what to do when Erdtree is burned in Elden Ring.

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Elden Ring What to do After Burning Erdtree?

Burning the Erdtree can be an essential part of your quest for the truth behind Elden Ring’s main storyline. You can access the entire area beyond Erdtree by choosing to burn it in Elden Ring.

After the burning of Erdtree, Lyndell becomes the Ashen Capitol. Also, you will have to defeat Sir Gideon, The All-Knowing, and Godfrey Elden Lord. You will be able to explore the world beyond Erdtree by doing so.

These are just some of the consequences. However, you can also expect to see NPCs die from Erdtree being burned. It is important to make a decision in advance whether you will burn the tree in order to be able to access certain missions. Some NPCs may die if you burn the tree. You won’t be able to access their missions or quests. You will also discover that certain areas on the map are locked and thus inaccessible.

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In order to reverse Erdtree’s destruction, you can also opt to obtain the Age of Order end.

This is it. This is basically what happens after you burn the Erdtree. It also explains what to do once it does burn. Once you have completed all quests and sidequests, we recommend that the tree be burned. In this way, there is nothing to lose in terms of quests and missions. It is up to you to decide whether to burn Erdtree.

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