Elden Ring: What are Focus Points (FP), and How to get more?

What are Focus Points

Elden Ring is a game that emphasizes the importance of Focus Points (or FP) – this article will show you how to increase your character’s capacity and use them in-game.

Focus Points are a key part of Elden Ring’s magic system. Focus Points are required for casting Spells or Incantations.

Many players can go through their entire Elden Ring experience without worrying about FP. Souls players are well-known for their imaginative playthroughs, and Elden Ring allows them more freedom than ever.

This is why Elden Ring moves at a slower pace than Dark Souls. It might not be for everyone. You can also focus on Elden Ring’s other important attributes like Strength and Dexterity if that is what you prefer.

This is a complete breakdown of each attribute in Elden Ring and the purpose of each stat!

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Elden Ring: What are Focus Points (FP)?

Focus Points, or FP, are used to cast Sorceries in Elden Ring. A blue bar will always appear on your HUD, and you can see how much FP remains.

You can cast more Magic Spells the more Focus Points you have in Elden Ring. Your total Focus Points will decrease each time you cast a Spell.

How to get more FP in Elden Ring

You will need a Flask full of Cerulean Tears to replenish your Elden Ring FP. You can use the following methods to restore your flask after it has been used:

  • Kill Cerulean Teardrop Scarabs
  • Completely defeat your enemies
  • One powerful enemy must be defeated

Simply put points into Mind to increase your Focus Points in Elden Ring.

Every point Mind is assigned will immediately increase your FP in-game.

You’ll be able to pull insane Dragon Transformation Magic Spells in Elden Ring if you have enough FP!

You can use FP in your playthrough if you choose the best class for Magic build in Elden Ring.

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