Elden Ring Trade | How to Give Items To Other Players

Elden Ring Item Trade

Multiplayer play in Elden Ring is more restricted than other games online. There’s a small number of enemies, friends and even space that you can finish your objectives. One thing isn’t often found in co-op, however, and that’s gifts! It is possible to give objects to others in Elden Ring, and a lot of players appreciate the boost that trades can bring.

But it’s not as easy as dropping items to other players. Additional restrictions are in place. This article will show you the process of trading items, as well as ways to drop gear, Runes, or other consumables to other players.

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How to Give Items To Other Players in Elden Ring

To give equipment or items to someone within Elden Ring, you’ll have to first join an multiplayer game with a friend or adversary. If you’ve got someone else playing with you it is possible to swap an item choosing the item in your inventory, and clicking”Leave” to transfer it “Leave” command. The option will drop the selected items onto the floor, allowing your companions to grab them.

The only items that could be traded are:

  • Weapons (of the same level as the player receiving them currently has or less)
  • Armor
  • Consumable Runes (Golden, Hero’s, Numen’s, Lord’s)
  • Basic Consumables
  • Materials for crafting (not upgrades materials)
  • Ashes of War
  • Talismans

It is not possible to swap magic spells crystal Tears great Runes, Spirit Ashes, or upgrades that are permanent, such as perfume bottles or pots.

If the item is available to trade, just select it from the inventory then click”Leave” “Leave” option. It will fall to the ground, and other player will be able to see the item glowing in gold. You can also drop entire stacks of objects should you choose to.

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If you drop one of your weapons and your friend doesn’t recognize it, ensure they are using an item that has similar to the upgrade level. If, for instance, you drop the +2 Lordsworn Longsword for someone who does not have upgraded weapons, they won’t be able to recognize the weapon. They must possess at least an additional 2 weapon in order in order to accept it. If you drop the +5 weapon, such as the Sword of Night and Flame the person who receives it must have at minimum an additional 5 Somber Stone weapon to be able to take the item.

Talk to your friend and ensure that trades between items work between the two players. In the event that you don’t, keep in mind that players are able to acquire Talismans… Also, you’ll need to restart your run in order to retrieve your Talisman back!

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