Elden Ring: The Shaded Castle Walkthrough

Shaded Castle Walkthrough

Shaded Castle Shaded Castle is a small fort-like dungeon located in the Elden Ring hidden from view by the public. It’s located in the Atlus Plateau close to the boundary with Mt. Gelmir. The only thing you have to do is go through the small ravine to the left of Atlus Plateau of Grace. It’s much easier to reach it by going through the campsite that has the Mad Pumpkin head within it, just some way further up the road.

This dungeon is filled with deadly ground and hostile creatures. The castle is tarnished that’s why there’s no predetermined route to follow, so you’ll have to take a parkour route and walk through the rubble until you meet an end-of-the-line boss. This guide will explain the exact location you must follow to complete the castle.

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How To Get Inside The Shaded Castle

The most effective way to enter is by climbing up the rock on the edge of the castle. It’s the closest one to that principal Site of Grace. When you step over the wall there is an skull will attempt to attack you.

You are not able to make use of Torrent within The Shaded Castle.

Making a right turn and then a left will take one to Shaded castle Ramparts Grace. From there, turn back and turn to the left. There is a depraved perfumer near the end of the road. To the left of the perfumer is a stone that is accessible to walk over into a pond that’s an wetland.

Minor enemies will appear after you’ve fallen. There’s an secret painting in this area. To access the painting, cross the rock and then crouch beneath the wooden beamsso that you’ll be able to see the steps. This will take directly to song of the Champion. Painting. Return towards The Site of Grace.

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Poisonous Swamp

Take the ladder on the left to drop into the deadly swamp below. There are a variety of Wraith Callers however their attacks are sluggish and they’re spaced in a way that you can take them on quickly. As you continue to the bottom of the swamp, you’ll notice roofs in the distant. Just to your left will be a hostile ready to attack you. The enemy is protecting the ladder which leads to the next section.

To your left ascending the ruin will be creatures resembling frogs as well as a few small loot items such as grease as well as Smithing Stones. On the roof, ahead you’ll encounter another depraved perfumer that can regenerate itself if you allow them.

The other roof in the swamp will be the solemn smithing Stone (5) on the ground behind. Be cautious that a gruesome Wraith-like enemy can be seen spawning when you are too close. The jump to an West walls of the castle can lead to dead-ends, so you’ll need to climb the ladder right now.

Cleanrot Knight

After climbing the ladder, you will have several options to take. To your left are dangerous Skeletons. There’s a skeleton that is passive appearing to be reaching for an object high up which is also impossible to reach. We’ll explain how to reach that item in just some time.

Instead, turn to the right. There will be an opening that leads to there is a huge Miranda flower will be surrounded by rooftops. be located below. The Miranda will be protecting the Smithing Stone (5). Keep walking and you’ll encounter an elite foe who is known as the cleanrot knight. Behind the knight lies an undiscovered treasure chest that contains the most important piece of equipment that Valkyrie needs to wear her Prosthesis.

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Sunken Rooftops

Return to the place you started from on the ladder. For a continuation through the castle, you must jump onto the roofs through the rampart’s opening. When you turn to the left you will see an ladder in the distance. The ladder will take one to the purple object that the previous skeleton was biting at. There could be up to five perfumers who are depraved however.

Here, the swamp can slow it down when you walk on it, and you are unable to avoid or run.

To access this subsequent Site of Grace, you could jump down and climb up the steps to the middle before climbing a short ladder on your left. It is also possible to stay above the ground and away from any dangers by making use of the ruins to make your way towards Shaded Castle Inner Gate Site of Grace. Shaded castle’s inner gate site of Grace.

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Inside The Castle

Beyond The Grace to your left will be a ghost , and an animal. To your left, there’s a ladder that leads to. The room will be in which there are three Noblemen Wandering and an assassin. Before you leave the next doorway, make a right and look for there’s a ladder which leads to. There’s the cookbook called Perfumer’s Cookbook (2) on the top of the roof here.

After leaving the room, take a left, and an cleanrot Knight is waiting on the opposite part of the bridge. After they’ve been defeated then look up at the bridge. If you’re using ranged weapons, you can take out the enemy below quickly and be able to return to collect the items you desire. If not, you can continue to the castle.

Be very careful in the next room or you’ll be overrun by speedy adversaries. There is an archer on the stairs, as well as a concealed dog. Just outside, there will be a dog as well as an Cleanrot Knight who will quickly spot you if you are close enough to the entrance.

When these foes are taken care of, you’re nearly there. All you need to do is walk through the doorway that the knight blocked. The elevator made of wood will be there that will lead you straight to the top of the castle, and then to the boss.

Elemer is a strong knight who can drop his Marais Executioner’s Sword and Briar Greatshield upon defeat. After defeat, you are able to buy his armor by contacting Enia on the Roundtable Hold. This is a guide that outlines how to defeat Elemer in The Briar and how to most effectively to defeat him in case you’re struggling.

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