Elden Ring: Swarm OF Flies Incantation Location

Elden Ring: Swarm OF Flies Incantation Location

The Swarm of Flies, an Elden Ring Incantation with a powerful Elden Ring that can be found in a swamp of blood requires Faith and Arcane.

The Swarm of Flies, a Blood Incantation, is located in the underground area, Mohgwyn Palace in Elden Ring. The Incantation is a popular PVP item and can be used to increase Blood Loss and put enemies under pressure.

Many types of Incantations can be found in many locations such as Erdtree and Frenzied. Blood Incantations usually require both Faith, Arcane, and the ability to do decent damage. This type of Incantation scales with these stats. This article explains how to obtain the Swarm of Flies Incentation in Elden Ring.

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Swarm of Flies Incantation Site In Elden Ring

The Swarm of Flies Incantation is available from a corpse in Elden Ring northeast of Dynasty Mahasoleum Entrance Site of Lost Grace, Mohgwyn Palace.

Head northeast from the Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance bonfire and continue through the trees to a giant skeleton that has a glowing eye. You can ignore it and continue riding southeast through the blood swamp, past the Albinaurics who are circling a huge rock.

Tarnished will eventually find a small tunnel with a Ghost Glovewort [8] near its entrance. There are two Albinaurics sleeping inside and an item on the corpse.

To grab the Swarm of Flies Incantation, approach the former.

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How to get to the Mohgwyn Palace in Elden Ring

Tarnished must interact with a waygate in the Consecrated snowfield to reach Mohgwyn Palace. the Mountaintop of the Giants can be found in the late-game Elden Ringregion. There is a simple way for players to get the Swarm of Flies Incantation early. It involves White Mask Varre.

You can access Mohgwyn Palace by completing Varre’s questline in Elden Ring. These are the steps to follow:

  • Talk to White Mask Varre at the First Step Site for Lost Grace in Limgrave
  • Visit Liurnia at the Lakes, and then head to the Rose Church
  • Talk to White Mask Varre who is standing outside the entrance of the church.
  • Get five Festering Bloody Fingers (from him)
  • Three times invade the world of other players
  • Talk to Varre, and accept the Lord’s Favor
  • In the maiden’s milk, soak the Lord of Blood’s favor
  • Give him the Blood-soaked Favor
  • Redeem your efforts with a reusable Bloody Finger and the Pureblood Knight’s Medal

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The Pureblood Knight’s Medal allows Tarnished access to Mohgwyn Palace by using the Consecrated snowfield waygate. It allows players to respawn close to the palace’s Map Fragment or the Dynasty Mausoleum Entry Site of Lost Grace. Follow the above steps to obtain the Incantation.

According to the game description, the Swarm of Flies Inantation is shared with the Lord of Blood’s power which is Mohg. The spell is said to release a swarm blood-sucking flies that inflict Blood Loss on unsuspecting enemies. These flies are also said to be created from excrement from the blood swamp in the new palace for the Lord of Blood.

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