Elden Ring Status Effects – Every Status Effect and What It Does

Elden Ring Status Effects

What happens when these status effects are applied to both players and enemies?

The status effects are almost guaranteed when players face dangerous foes in Elden Ring. Although each one is extremely dangerous, it can be difficult to grasp.

Elden Ring Status Effects – Every Status Effect and What It: With the right tools, you can inflict these status effects on enemies. It is important to know the status effects of Elden Ring so that you can face off against other players.

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All Elden Ring Status Effects

These statuses become active when their bar fills up. The statuses will cause the bar to fill up. Each enemy has its own hidden bar, which fills up when it is attacked by ability or weapon that inflicts a status. Each status has its own purpose and is identified with a special icon.

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  • Madness – The icon looks like an eye with a punctured, yellowish pupil. When it is inflicted, it can damage your health and cause you to lose some FP. There are very few places where a player could be inflicted Madness. It isn’t very usable in the form of weapons and spells. Players will need to travel a lot to find them. They are only useful against other players and NPCs.
  • Death blight Icon looks like a pointed black mass. When it is done, it will immediately kill the victim. There are many sources of death plague throughout the globe, so its utility outside of PVP is limited. Because it’s instantaneous, it’s stronger than Madness.
  • Poison Icon appears like four glowing green bubbles. When it’s administered, it slowly drains HP. It is a common status effect that can inflict many enemies with Poison. It is easy to cure. Although it isn’t as dangerous to players as other status effects, Poison doesn’t make enemies very well.
  • Scarlet Rot Icon appears to be four red orbs that have veins. When it is inflicted, it will quickly drain HP. Generally causes more damage to players, is harder to cure and is less effective against other enemies. But there are more powerful spells and abilities than can inflict scarlet-rot on your foes. Scarlet Rot is one of the most annoying effects but also one of the most helpful.
  • Frost Icon appears like a white-and blue gash. When it is inflicted, it will cause health problems, reduce damage absorption, and lower stamina recuperation. This status effect is rarely used by enemies, and the range of skills and weapons that can be used to use frost are numerous. While it can be irritating to have to deal with this status effect, frost’s existence generally proves to be more helpful than not.
  • Blood Loss – The icon looks like a red, bloody gash. This can severely damage your health. Bleed will be one of the most frequent statuses that players will come across. It can be used in PVP or PVE battles and is very useful against almost any enemy.
  • Sleep – The icon looks like a blue, closed eye. If inflicted, it will stun players and temporarily knock them out. Although many foes can’t sleep, many enemies – and certain boss duos are extremely weak to it. This status can be inflicted by very few enemies, so it is almost exclusively based on player usage.

Sleep, blood loss and frost are the best status effects that Elden Ring players can get. Anyone who is interested in inflicting this status should increase their Arcane attitude as often as possible. These effects can be very beneficial and provide an enjoyable experience for the player, regardless of the foes they may face.

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