Elden Ring Silver Tear Mask Locations | Easy Ways to Get

Silver Tear Mask

Silver Tear Mask is a Helm in Elden RingSilver Mask is a medium-sized headpiece that greatly boosts the arcane power and negatively affects physical strength. 

The Mask protects the head of the player by utilizing different defensive abilities, and it alters the appearance and appearance when equipped. Certain armor pieces could be offered to male and female characters. However, they could be different between female and male characters.

Mask made from the husk of an unformed Silver Tear, supported by its shed, hardened husk. It greatly increases arcane power to the disadvantage of physical attack power.

Imitating the imitation is an effective trick indeed.

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Where to find a SILVER TO rip MASK IN ELDEN Ring

Silver Tear Mask can be found at Helm is available at:

  • The drop was made by a mimic Tear manager within the city of Nokron in Eternal City.


  • Silver Tear Mask is an individual item and isn’t part of any set.


  • Sell Value: 200
  • It increases Arcane with +8 but at the expense of physical strength (-5 percent AR)
  • It is important to note that the Silver Mask doesn’t increase the amount of discovery when the player’s Arcane stat is 99.
  • Other notes and player tips are available here.

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Silver Tear Mask Facts along with How to Get | Elden Ring

This page is for Silver Tear Mask, a kind of headpiece within the Elden Ring. Learn more about Tear Mask’s statistics, as well as a description of the lore and where you can get it!

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Tear Mask in Silver Tear Mask Overview

Silver Tear Mask Statistics

Basic Information

Type: HeadPrice to Buy: Sell Price: Weight: 4.6


Mask made from the corpse of inert Silver Tear and backed by her hardened skin; she is a husk.

It greatly increases arcane power to the disadvantage of physical attack power.

Imitating the imitation is indeed a clever game.

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