Elden Ring: Sealed Tunnel Location And Walkthrough

Elden Ring: Sealed Tunnel Location And Walkthrough

Sealed Tunnel Sealed Tunnel is one of the most important catacombs players can explore within Elden Ring to find a Shardbearer’s Great Rune.

Apart from getting a Great Rune, there are also many useful items that’ll benefit players on the course of their¬†Elden Ring¬†adventures, such as that Smithing-Stone Miner’s bell bearing (2), Onyx Lord’s Greatsword, and many more. Before starting, players know that the route to the final boss is brimming with dangerous traps and hidden walls.

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How To Get To Sealed Tunnel In Elden Ring

Sealed Tunnel Sealed Tunnel is southeast of the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Lost Grace within the Capital Outskirts, Altus Plateau in Elden Ring. The entrance to the catacomb is concealed within the rock, which is why the players have to look very carefully.

To get there, head toward it by going to the Outer Wall Phantom Tree bonfire and then head to the east of the field that is open until the players are on a high cliff. Go down the destroyed slope until you reach the moat of Elden Ring.

From there, proceed towards the south and pass by the herds of Land Squirts that are in the area of water to the point that your Sealed Tunnel entrance is visible.

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Sealed Tunnel Walkthrough In Elden Ring

After walking through the long hall and activating The Site of Lost Grace, go to the west and slide through the illusionary wall to reveal an entirely new zone.

Then, climb the small slope, then proceed southwestward through the barrels and crates. The players will come across an item in the chest, The Elden Ring Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing (2). The chest is hidden behind it. Tarnished could swing against a hidden wall.

Utilize the elevator to go down and take on that third wall between the trees’ roots. Players should now be in a space surrounded by large branches as well as Vulgar Militiamen adversaries. Make sure to carefully move between branches until they reach the platform in the middle of the room. Be careful not to fall since there’s an abductor Fraud waiting to take you hostage.

In the next room, players will notice the overgrown branches that block their way down the steps. The only way to get there is to fall through the hole on the wood platform’s right side. Be wary of the explosive Abnormal Stone Clusters adversaries since they can be deadly.

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Travel southeast until what appears to be a dead end; however, it’s a second illusionary wall. Beware of Abnormal Stone Clusters, which are hidden within the crates.

Similar to the previous room, this one is full of large branches from trees, which players must fall on with care until they reach the floor below.

After that, walk south until the huge open door that leads into the Onyx Lord boss’ room. After defeating Elden Ring boss, the players will receive an Onyx Lord’s Greatsword and 16,000 Runes.

In addition, the way up to The Divine Tower of West Altus is also accessible. The tower will only be entered after Rykard, the Lord of Blasphemy defeated.

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