Elden Ring Roundtable, NPCs And Encounters

Elden Ring Roundtable, NPCs And Encounters

The Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring is the hub for players, similar to the Firelink Shrine in Dark Souls. There are a variety of NPCs in this area that act as vendors for weapons, items, and Spirit Ash boosts. Some can be found in quests and can provide clues to their quests.

In this Elden Ring roundtable hold guide, we’ll guide you to navigate the NPCs encounters, NPCs, and other secrets to this place. Be aware that this guide will give you spoilers on the changes that take place as you advance through the game.

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The Roundtable Hold located in Elden Ring can be visited following your second encounter with Melina. The first time you meet Melina is when you visit the grace site in Gate front (after which she’ll grant the Torrent summon or mount). The second encounter is when you encounter the Site of Grace on the overworld; as long as it’s not within Limgrave and/or the Weeping Peninsula — you’ll be required to visit Liurnia of the Lakes or Caelid.

When you get there when you are there, then the Roundtable Hold location in Elden Ring will be its speedy travel point on the map you will see.


The central portion that is the central part of Roundtable Hold has, you already knew, a round table. Also, there’s an open fireplace. There are the following NPCs in this article:

  • Corhyn, The monk from the Golden Order, teaches Incantation spells. He’ll eventually embark on a trip towards Altus Plateau, becoming part of a quest to discover the Age of Order’s secret ending.
  • Diallo’s fighter is right alongside Corhyn and will inform the story of a maid called Lanya. You’ll see him again in Liurnia of the Lakes and Volcano Manor.
  • D, Hunter of the Dead You’ll be able to spot D, Hunter of the Dead while you’re travelling towards Summonwater Village in the northeastern part of Limgrave. After you’ve spoken with him, he’ll wait for you in the Roundtable Hold. Then, he’ll present you with Gurranq. He’ll be able to accept any Deathroot items you’ve purchased.

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The room of Two Fingers is also in the central part of the area. The door will be opened when you defeat the initial demigod (i.e. the bosses of major importance like Godrick). You can play with two fingers in this room to get the “Rapture” expression. In addition, you can interact with finger Reader Enia, who has the following roles:

  • In default, she offers common items like Stonesword Keys (to open Imp Statue doors), Memory Stones (to increase the number of spells that can be equipped) and Rune Arcs (to activate Great Rune abilities).
  • Certain bosses that you defeat will have armour pieces for sale.
  • Certain bosses may also offer Remembrances which may be used to exchange for 2 different types of rewards. Learn more about this by reading the Remembrances guide.
  • When you have defeated two enemies by using Remembrances, Enia will say that you have the chance to become The Elden Lord. The Elden Lord will allow you to venture towards Leyndell, Royal Capital.


Two NPCs are available involved here:

  • Sorcerer Rogier – This wizard teaches Ashes of War weapon skills. The first time you meet him is within Stormveil Castle; then, he’ll be moved to the balcony of the Roundtable Hold. After winning against Godrick, The Grafted Godrick the Grafted, he’ll grant you the Rogier’s Rapier plus 8.
  • Mad Tongue Alberich Mad Tongue Alberich Mad Tongue Alberich can appear once you step onto the balcony. The Taunter’s Tongue will be dropped by him, the item that lets you draw invaders into your world.

WEST Hallway

To your left, when you’re facing the fire, be able to see these NPCs:

  • Ensha is sitting on the wall. Even though he’s unwilling to talk with you directly, you’ll get a “What Do You Would You Like?” emote when you first meet him.
  • Sir Gideon Ofnir Gideon is waiting in the room Ensha is protecting. In most cases, Gideon will simply inform you about the gods and champions you’ll face during the campaign.
  • Nepheli Loux appears to be the first seen within Stormveil Castle. She’s in a tiny room close to the courtyard and is accompanied by the troll who guards Godrick’s arena. After you’ve defeated Godrick and captured her, you’ll find her in this hall in Roundtable Hold, where she’ll offer you an Arsenal Charm talisman. She’s also part of an adventure that involves Kenneth Haight.
  • Twin Maiden Husks The entrance to the Nepheli Loux will lead to Twin Maiden Husks. This strange character appears to be dead. However, it does sell diverse wares of the vendor. But, you will need to trade Bell Bearings for those items to join their collection.
  • Dung Eater, The room near the Twin Maiden Husks will only be accessible after you have reached the Altus Plateau. The NPC appears to be an intruder because of its red outline. However, he’ll mainly remain at a table and will entice you with a talk of decay and death. Then, he’ll request that you look for Seedbed Curse items, eventually leading to the Despair Secret Ending.

EAST Hallway

There are the below NPCs in the hallway that is located in the east:

FIA, The Deathbed Companion, awaits you in a room. The Deathbed Companion will ask you to Want to hug. If you accept that you do, you’ll get Baldachin’s blessing. This grants you an HP debuff until you apply Baldachin’s blessing item, increasing your vigour. FIA also has special hidden knowledge and a quest leading to The Age of the Duskborn secret closing.

  • Smithing Master Hewg Smithing Master Hewg allows you to upgrade your weapons to their maximum capacity with the help of Smithing Stones, Somber Smithing Stones, as well as Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones.
  • Roderika, The user, will initially get to meet Roderika inside the Stormhill Shack in Limgrave. Then, she’ll appear at Roundtable Hold. She’ll usually stay close to Hewg but occasionally appear near the fireplace. Roderika lets you enhance the Spirit Ash summons through Ghost Gloveworts and Grave Gloveworts.


They are Imp Statue entrances in the basement, below Hewing and Roderika’s spots:

  • The first room is a requirement for one Stonesword Key. There’s a treasure chest that contains the Crepus’ Black-Key Crossbow.
  • The second room needs 2 Stonesword Keys. The room contains the Assassin’s prayerbook and can be presented by Corhyn and Miriel, the turtle inside the Church of Vows to get new Incantation spells.

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ROUNDTABLE HOLD changes over time

There will be a variety of changes during The Roundtable. Keep as you go further into Elden Ring‘s campaign:

  • Enia, Hewg, Roderika, along with the Twin Maiden Husks. Generally speaking, these are the NPCs from the vendor. They’ll be present no matter what transpires.
  • Ensha. After you’ve got both halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion, this NPC will attack you. When you’ve killed the NPC, go back to the location was his previous location to get the Royal Remains Armor Set.
  • Dallas, along with Nepheli Loux. As I mentioned before, the two NPCs make up specific quest lines.
  • Corhyn, Dung Eater Fia, Dung Eater, and Corhyn. These NPCs have quests that lead them to hidden endings.
  • D. Hunter of the Dead. After you make an important decision within the Forge of the Giants, the room next to Hewg and Roderika will be wide open. Inside there, you’ll find the body of D, the Bell Bearing, and the Twinned Armor set.
  • Sorcerer Rogier may also pass away in the future. You can then purchase Sorcerer Rogier’s bell bearing and Spellblade Armor Set. Spellblade Armor Set.
  • Sir Gideon Ofnir – Gideon will be present for a while, at least until Leyndell, Ashen Capital, much later in the game. There will be a boss battle, and if you kill him, he’ll disappear for all time.


There is a spot in Leyndell that resembles that of the Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring. Learn more about it in the Leyndell, Royal Capital walkthrough.

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