Elden Ring Roderika: Should You Tell Her What the Blacksmith Said?

Elden Ring Roderika: Should You Tell Her What the Blacksmith Said?

The spread of rumors is not good but is it really?

Roderika is among Roderika is one of the NPCs which you’ll encounter within Elden Ring that isn’t a threat on first sight. The first time you will meet her is when you travel toward Stormveil Castle, she is hiding in a shack on the road. She doesn’t appear to be significant when you speak with her and she hands you a small item.

She talks only about the fear of being in the same boat as a spider. In the future, you will locate the remains of her friends in Stormveil Castle and return that to her. This will begin her quest to find Elden Ring and will force you to make a an informed decision regarding her.

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Should you Tell Roderika About What the Blacksmith Said in Elden Ring

If you attempt to return to the shack where you found the NPC in and offer an item to her, you’ll be able to see that she’s not there. This is due to the fact that she has been residing in the Roundtable Hold. It could be the first sign that there’s much more in this NPC than appears to be what is on the surface. When you have given the item to her and then you will notice an additional option pops up when you talk with the Blacksmith to discuss Roderkia. Inquiring about this will cause him to inform her that she has a lot of power from his point of view.

He states that she can be a Spirit-Tuner. It’s a possibility isn’t being talked over by any NPC to this point. From this point, you have two choices, you can either inform Roderika of what Blacksmith told her and then have her begin her journey towards becoming a Spirit-Tuner or just sit in the Roundtable in a solitary position. Of course, you’ll be able to inform her of what the Blacksmith told her and then get her started on the path of becoming a Spirit-Tuner.

There’s nothing bad for disclosing this to her, it’s the only method to increase you Spirit Ashes and it begins with a quest in the game about the Blacksmith. Many things in Elden Ring could be difficult to understand what you need to do, similar to in Final Fantasy XIV subscription model. However, when it comes to this decision there isn’t a option. Always inform Roderika about the things that the Blacksmith is saying.

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It doesn’t mean that you have to do everything an NPC tells you in the Elden Ring, especially if you want them to remain alive. However, in this specific scenario there is nothing that could go wrong. If you need further assistance in dealing with Elden Ring make sure to go through our other tutorials.

Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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