Elden Ring Prophet Build

Elden Ring Prophet Build

The Prophet class is by far the most powerful Elden Ring class for specialising in the Faith stat. It lets you use the power of dragonspells and some of the most powerful weapons available. The Prophet has the strength and Faith to be able to take on the first weapons and Incantations Therefore, you should use your Runes and increase the Vigor rating to 20 as quickly as you can.

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This Prophet of Blasphemy build is a Faith and Strength Build. The weapon of choice, Blasphemous Blade, requires 22 Strength, 21 Faith and 15 Dexterity and comes with D scaling throughout which is why we will concentrate on Faith and Strength.

In this Prophet Build Elden Ring, players will probably focus on the damage output overall. The primary weapon is the Blasphemous Blade The build is an amalgamation of the Confessor and Prophet class that will further complement the heavy Faith and Vigor allocation. When you combine it with damage-inducing weapons with high ranges, players can utilize the weapons, incantations and other gear to master their Prophet Build and dominate their opponents. So, let’s start!

Stat Allocation

For the Elden Ring Prophet Stats that players should focus on in this build, there are two primary stats and two secondary ones that players can assign their points. The most important statistics comprise Faith and Vigor, whereas secondary stats include Mind and Dexterity as you can see below. Similar to those stats, why don’t you learn more about our Strength build and Arcane build guides.


As players who play as Prophets will require the most powerful Prophet build possible to play Elden playing The first stat we suggest is Faith. All of the build’s components are focused on Faith, among the top crucial statistics players should assign points to.

The primary goal of Faith is to give players the capability to use their incantations. Because the Elden Ring Prophet Build will also incorporate incantations, players must allocate the most points. Additionally, having Faith as part of the player’s arsenal and their arsenal of incantations, they’ll be able to see that the incantations based on Faith will be boosted in the overall power of their magic. While at it, look at the Elden Ring Faith Build guide.


Another crucial Elden Ring Prophet attribute is Vigor It is the second priority which players should give the greatest amount of points. Without Vigor, players can’t hope to be successful in combat as almost every type of Confessor and Prophet use Vigor as one of the main attributes.

Ultimately, Vigor is responsible for managing the player’s total HP. If a player is engaged in battle, they’ll be running around, and get struck by attacks from enemies numerous times. So they need to guard their HP and be alive until they prevail. Vigor is responsible for increasing the player’s overall resistance to fire in addition to Personal Immunity.


As a result, when we focus discussing statistics, the other aspect that players should put their money into is Mind which is the main factor that determines the player’s general FP. If you’re not aware, FP refers to the amount of power required to cast powerful spells and unleash abilities on enemies.

While the FP’s governance is important, it’s not the main concern of our building; consequently players are free to cut back on the point allocations to Mind and concentrate on investing in Faith and Vigor . However, ensure that they support certain points and increase it over the baseline stats to ensure some FP control.


Last but not least, another aspect that players should examine is Dexterity as the weapons players will use to build this scale will mainly be based on Faith. But, it does include an Dex D scaling. Thus, players are advised to invest some points in Dexterity to boost it above the base’s stats.

Agility is the ability players require to handle more powerful weapons that are accountable for dealing with the most damage , all while being equipped to provide the player with increased attack power. It also decreases the total duration required to cast dangerous spells.

Main Weapon/Off-Weapon

If you’re looking for a way to learn how to master the Elden Ring Prophet Build will usually carry the Blasphemous Blade for their main weapon, while using a secondary weapon which is it being the Sacred Dagger simply for off-handing it, and also for the main buff to the ash of war that it gives.

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Blasphemous Blade

The greatest damage output can be accomplished through this weapon, the Blasphemous Blade, the best weapon for the Prophet class of the Elden Ring. The weapon’s power is based on Dexterity, Faith and Strength, while offering one of the highest long-range damage outputs that veteran players can enjoy.

The blade will aid the players in the field and aiming to dominate the battlefield as it lets them unleash their attack while remaining at a safe distance away from the enemy and allowing them to remain alive as long as they can while taking out opponents.

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