Elden Ring: Outer Moat Location

Elden Ring: Outer Moat Location

Outer moat has been identified as an area that isn’t officially within Elden Ring and is a one of Dung Eater’s Questline. In the past, moats were small ponds that are surrounded by an object, often the castle, to provide the structure with a first line of defense. In Elden Ring The Royal Capital, Leyndell, is surrounded by several tiny lakes.

When you have completed a couple of steps of an NPC’s Questline within the Elden Ring The Dung Eater will leave a message inviting Tarnished to visit a spot known as the moat’s outer. If you are keen on completing this Dung Eater’s Quest as well as exploring the area it is vital.

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How To Get To Outer Moat In Elden Ring

Outer moat is located to the southeast from The Outer Wall Battleground Site of Lost Grace in the Capital Outskirts, Altus Plateau.

To reach it, head towards it by going to the Outer Wall Battleground bonfire and proceed east until you reach the stairs that are broken. Then, climb them and continue to travel east, passing the gravestones and Skeletons.

After a time players will encounter two routes: east and southeast roads. Follow the latter route to reach the moat that is located in Elden Ring.

If you take the route to the southeast, continue forward between the trees and climb the slope to reach a small lake dotted with tiny Crabs that will give you adequate Elden Ring Crafting Materials. This is the moat that surrounds the outer one that is mentioned by the description. Tarnished just need to move further to be surrounded by Dung Eater.

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How To Get The Message Mentioning Outer Moat In Elden Ring

To find the message that mentions the moat’s outer the player must go through The Dung Eater’s questline within Elden Ring. When they reach a particular point in the quest, he’ll invite Tarnished to join the Dung Eater by leaving a message on the Roundtable Hold. The steps needed to send the message

  • Unlock Altus Plateau
  • Return to the Roundtable Hold
  • You can enter the room that was previously locked close to Twin Maiden Husk. Twin Maiden Husk
  • Talk to Dung Eater
  • Get a Seedbed Curse
  • Show it to him
  • Accept the Sewer-Gaol Key
  • Unlock the cell of Dung Eater in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds located in Leyndell, Royal Capital
  • Speak to the NPC to release him
  • Return to the Roundtable Hold

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Head to the room of the Dung Eater and you will find a message that reads, “I’ll defile you next. You must go to the moat’s edge,” which is an obvious invitation to fight. The only thing left to do is go to the moat’s outermost part and fight Dung Eater. Dung Eater.

Be aware that if you are trying to complete Blackguard Big Boggert’s Quest Then they might meet him in the moat, before the Dung Eater.

It’s recommended to discuss the matter with the thief before purchasing as numerous Boiled Prawns and crabs you can, since Blackguard Big Boggart is likely to be dead when he reloads the area. When the next time Tarnished will meet him the thief will be tied to a chair and soiled. You can also take your Elden Ring Armor set as well as a sixth Seedbed Curse that he ate from his corpse.

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