Elden Ring Nokron Location: Where did the falling star land?

Elden Ring Nokron Location

Your Caelid business is now closed. It’s time for you to search for Nokron and Eternal City and locate the falling star location at Limgrave.

The stars can now move again after Radahn’s defeat. Although a huge one appears to have opened a path to Nokron’s, you aren’t given any indication of where exactly it fell.

Elden Ring Nokron Location: Once you have found the city entrance, you can still go. This is everything you need to enter Nokron, Eternal City within Elden Ring.

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Elden Ring Nokron Location: Where did the Nokron star fall in Elden Ring

Before you can go to Nokron, you must first find the falling star crater in Limgrave.

The star fell south of the Mistwood Ruins in the southeast part of Limgrave.

Either you can head north from the Third Church of Marika or northwest from Fort Haight West.

You’ll need to jump a lot once you reach the crater.

Jumping down from the crater rim will only get you dead.

When you reach the flat bottom part, double jump across the chasm to the opening below.

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Where is Nokron, the Eternal City of Elden Ring?

Look down from the new area and then bear left.

You can see the scene transition by looking through the window in front.

This rooftop area can be very dangerous because you could easily plummet to your deaths.

Slowly descend, and cross the rooftop path, fighting or not, the silver slimes until you reach a platform. You will see a window to your left as you continue along the ledge.

Drop down from the opposite side. Beware of archer enemies. You can take them out and move on to the next room, where you will finally find the Nokron Eternal City Site Of Grace.

You can explore the region and claim its riches from here.

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