Elden Ring mod: Adds Zoro to One Piece   

The Elden Ring mod Adds Zoro to One Piece   

If there was ever a time when a character was looking to use three swords and fight Elden Ring’s world, Elden Ring as the right-hand to One Piece’s upcoming Pirate King, they can.   

Elden Ring allows for a great deal of personalization as a game base. The character creator is a feature which has allowed players to create many fascinating, original and sometimes hilarious Elden Lords, such as one player who invented the Fable’sJack of Blades in the game. Several character models are available within Elden Ring, too, which allows for a wide range of variations in how the two players take on combat. From blades to bows to fireballs, Elden Ringhas multiple options to take on its tough opponents and bosses.   

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The Elden Ring mod Adds Zoro to One Piece   

One thing the sport in Elden Ring doesn’t allow, however, is the possibility of a character wielding three swords simultaneously. It’s not common for warriors to carry three swords hanging from their mouths before entering the fight; however, in the case of One Piecefans, the third sword is a symbol of one of the best characters from the series. Zoro is a fan-favourite One Piece character, the first teammate that joined Luffy on his quest to become a Pirate King. Zoro is constantly seeking ways to improve his training and increase his skills. One Elden Rolemodder has offered Zoro the opportunity to accomplish this by fighting against one of the top bosses in the game.   

Utilizing the character of Zoro in the Zoro model from the One Piece game Burning Blood Modder Ercuallo has let people assume the role of one of the anime’s most well-known swordsmen. To Elden Ringfans looking to play the mod, they can download it on Ercuallo’s Nexus Mods page. It is important to note that Zoro’s appearance will replace Blaidd’s armour within the game, which means that players need to be able to earn the set to enjoy the One Piece dream. To obtain Blaidd’s armour in Elden Ring, players must take on Zoro, which is difficult for some players, given the half-wolf’s popularity.   

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The swords models of Zoro are a replacement for the uchigatana and rivers of blood katanas within the Elden Ring, which means that a player wanting a chance to become Zoro authentically in the game could need to do some farming in order to achieve this. Alongside the creation of Zoro, the Zoro Mod, Ercuallo also released a short video that shows off Zoro’s One Piececharacter’s power in Elden Ring when he fought against Radagon.

In the two years after Elden Ring first began, mods to the game are becoming more complicated and interesting for fans since they are a departure from the usual in terms of gameplay. Recently, a modder has allowed Elden Ringplayers to play an appearance of Darth Vader and make use of twin-blade lightsabers that resemble Darth Maul.   

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