Elden Ring: Master Lusat Location

Master Lusat Location

Elden Ringhas become THE gaming highlight for 2022. There are many reasons why this is so. For many players, however, the huge variety of weapons, armor, and other items will be an enduring feature. There is an abundance of loot to be found around every corner, after every fight. Certain quest lines are required to unlock some of the best weapons and armor in the game. 

One example is the Sorceress Sellen quest. It allows players to obtain two amazing sets of mage armour. These are the Azur’s Glintstone set and Lusat’s set. Master Lusat must be found before you can get Lusat’s Set. Elden Ring isn’t very helpful and many players have been asking, “Where is Master Lusat?” Here’s where you can find Master Lusat Elden Ring

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Where is Master Lusat from Elden Ring? Master Lusat Location

Master Lusat can be found in Sellia Hideaway, Caelid. First, find the entrance to Sellia Hiddenaway.

How to get into the Sellia Hideaway

Head north from the Church of the Plague, a site of grace in central Caelid. Cross the wooden tree arch and head up the hill. To the east you’ll see a small graveyard with a few trees and one mage. To find a secret entrance, kill the mage and then roll/attack the rock face behind the main headstone.

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Where is Master Lusat?

Here Master Lusat can be found in Elden Ring … From the Sellia Hideaway entry, go down into the cave towards Grace. Continue to the bottom of the cave, passing several enemies, until you reach an open chamber filled with large crystals. You can run straight ahead across the crystal bridge and then descend onto the next bridge to your right. 

Kill the enemy to jump the gap to the next platform. Continue following the platform edge to the right, then jump the next gap to your right. You will find another crystal bridge to your left as you descend the slope. You can run onto it, and then you can drop down to kill an enemy. Two large crystals flank the cave behind the enemy. You will find Master Lusat’s corpse if you go inside.

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