Elden Ring: How to Receive (and use) the Taunter’s Tongue

Elden Ring How to Receive (and use) the Taunter's Tongue

By using the Tongue of Taunter, Elden Ring Tarnished could “invite” any random Invaders into their world without possessing any Furled Finger allies.

It is a Multiplayer Item in the Elden Ring used to grant access to Invaders to the world of a host without the need for furled Finger friends to join. Usually, the possibility of a PvP invasion can be triggered once the Host of Fingers is able to activate the Summoning sign for one or two people. But, thanks to the Taunter’s Tongue feature, Tarnished Hosts are now able to “summon” Invaders into their world without having to interact using the Elden Ring Red Summoning sign or inviting an additional player.

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Additionally, activation of the Taunter’s Tongue can allow another Invader to enter the world of the host before the limit is one. Be aware that an ally second to one cannot be summoned after two Invaders are in the same world. Also, the Lands Between will only allow 1v1, 2v1, 2-v1, and 2v2 PvP fights between players. 2v3 fights aren’t possible due to the Taunter’s Tones’ active effects. It is important to note that the Furlcalling Finger Remedy x1 is required for the Taunter’s Tongue.

To gain the Taunter’s Tongue within Elden Ring, pilgrims who are tarnished must be admitted to The Roundtable Hold, which is the hub for players located in the Lands Between. However, no matter the way that adventurers move along their journey, Melina will meet with their players at the end of their journey in the future and welcome them to join the Roundtable Hold. However, it is helpful to know how the event occurs. To get to Elden Ring’s Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring, Tarnished must perform one of the following options: face (defeating) Margit and rest at several Grace locations within Limgrave or at a Site of Grace outside Limgrave.

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Taunter’s Tongue Location and Use in Elden Ring

When Tarnished travelers reach Roundtable Hold, they can stroll northeast to a vast hallway and leap from the balcony into the main floor. An NPC Invader dubbed Mad Tongue Alberich within the foyer will appear and assault the player after he has offered his greeting. He comes equipped with a sword and a Glintstone Staff and can use spells that cause Frostbite on Elden Ring as well as Hemorrhage.

For players new to the game, Alberich is likely to be among the toughest opponents they’ve faced. However, those who confront Alberich in the future will likely discover a variety of strategies to take out his weak points. For instance, he’s vulnerable to poisons and can be easily stunned by “spammable” weapon abilities or spells.

When Mad Tongue Alberich is defeated, he’ll drop the Furlcalling Finger Remedy and the Taunter’s Tongue giving the player one use of the Invader-luring device.

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