Elden Ring How To Kill Skeletons

Elden Ring How To Kill Skeletons

The enemies in Elden Ring can be hard to eliminate. This is what happens in the world of games. The game’s progress is achieved by conquering challenges. There are, however, some enemies that are more irritating than others. Skeletons, for example, do not seem to be aware of when it is to stop dying.

Even after being beaten, with a moment’s pause, the skeletons will come back to life and begin to attack. How do you plan to get rid of things that aren’t better? Find out more here.

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How to Kill Skeletons in Elden Ring

Drawing a page straight out from Super Mario, the lowly skeleton could be an easy-to-eliminate enemy, but it’s extremely persistent. The act of killing a skeleton can cause it to fall to the ground. However, after a few days, it will recover and rise again, looking for revenge. To keep it down, you must stop it from reviving.

To take down a skeleton from Elden Ring, you must fight it once it has fallen on the floor. If you begin to deplete the health bar of your skeleton, it will fall into a mass of bones. Hit the bones pile with your weapon to eliminate the skeleton and stop it from returning.

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Elden Ring How To Kill Skeletons

But, there’s more than one way to avoid the process of reanimation. If you’ve got access to the Ash of War called Sacred Blade, You can use it to defeat the skeleton just as you would any other foe. Due to the attack’s holy damage, skeletons won’t increase after defeat. Holy Water Pots also serve the same purpose.

Three particular weapons will aid you in destroying skulls without needing Ash of Wars or Buffs. They are the Golden Order Greatsword, The Golden Epitaph Straight Sword, and the Inseparable sword, all stopping skeletons from returning after their first loss.

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If you didn’t know that skeletons can be found in various varieties: Skeletal Militiaman, Skeletal Mage, Skeletal Swordsman, Skeletal Crossbowman, and more. They all function identically, even though they look somewhat different. Remember that if it’s the skeleton, you’ll require sacred attacks or to be ready to strike them once they’ve fallen to earth.

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