Elden Ring: How To Kick

how to kick elden ring

In most FromSoftware games, kicks are just as natural as blocking. However, in Elden Ring, the ability for kicks requires the players to follow certain steps.

Kicking other players in FromSoftware games has been a common feature since the beginning. The technique is commonly employed in online PvP or co-op, where players simply move their joysticks forward while simultaneously pressing the attack button light to kick, regardless of their current loadout.

Kicking is a highly efficient method of breaking through the shield wall, but it functions differently when playing Elden Ring. Although players could kick at any time they wanted in previous FromSoftware games, kicking inside Elden Ring requires players to perform certain things.

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Kicking Is Unique To Unarmed Combat, And An Ash Of War

Elden Ring introduces a variety of special weapon attacks via an Ash of War system. This means that the unique capabilities of each weapon in the game are able to be mixed and matched according to the Ashes of War the player is playing with. Kicking is a “weapon” ability that can generally only be performed when there is no other weapon available and is also an Ash of War, meaning it can be applied to any weapon later in the game to use as the weapon’s Ash of War skill.

It isn’t necessary to eliminate your shields, weapons, or other equipment to be non-armed. If only one piece of equipment is present in both hands, players simply use the left or right on the D-pad to deactivate the gear in the other hand. If you’ve got Kick to use as Ash of War, attach it to your weapon and then use the Left button (or”L2″) to activate it when two-handing.

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How To Kick In Elden Ring

After removing your equipment, you must kick to complete the unarmed loadout’s “weapon ability.” Like the other weapons capabilities within Elden Ring, it can be activated by pressing the LT button (or L2). It consumes a tiny amount of Stamina and FP and makes your character perform in a powerful, guard-breaking kick.

While you cannot kick anytime as you did FromSoftware games previously, players can still utilize the technique by adjusting their loadout. You should only have one item per hand so you can unload them in the middle of the game. In PvP switching to the Unarmed moveset could provide you with an advantage against a foe who is hiding behind the shield. Kicking shield players severely gives you time to change to a weapon and then perform an effective Critical Hit if their posture was damaged during the process.

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