Elden Ring: How to Increase Item Discovery Fast

How to Increase Item Discovery Fast

You can find useful items in Elden Ring by looting corpses all over the map. Bosses and enemies often drop items and Runes which you can use to improve your character. Discovery Rate is the rate at which items are found in the game. It is one of the most important attributes in Elden Ring.

How can you increase your chances of finding Elden Ring items and make enemies drop more? This quick guide will show you how.

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How to Increase Item Discovery Fast in Elden Ring

You can improve Elden Ring’s item discovery by equipping items such as the Silver Tear Mask or Silver Scarab, Silver Fowl Foot or Marais Mask, Witch’s Glintstone Crown or Mask of Confidence that either temporarily or permanently increase item discovery. also invest in the Arcane Attribut to increase the chances of finding items in Elden Ring.

Permanent item discovery tools include the Silver Tear Mask and Silver Scarab Talisman.

List of items and talismans which increase item discovery in Elden Ring

The Silver Tear Mask Helm

  • This helmed can increase Arcane or Discovery by +8
  • It also decreases the physical attack power.
  • It can be found in Nokstella or Eternal City during Ranni’s questline.

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Marika’s Scarseal and Soreseal Talismans

  • The Soreseal Talisman can increase Mind, Intelligence and Faith by +5 each. It increases item discovery by 5 points.
  • The Scarseal talisman increases item discovery by +3.
  • It is not possible to wear both the Scarseal and Soreseal talismans simultaneously and create a compound effect.
  • The Soreseal talisman can be found in the Brace of Haligtree dungeon, lower levels. To unlock the sealed room and get this talisman, you will need a Stonesword Key.

The Silver Scarab Talisman

  • This talisman grants you a +75 item discovery bonus.
  • This talisman can be found in Hidden Path to Haligtree’s chest. It is located behind Grave Glovewort, just past the illusory walls.

Foot of Silver-Pickled Fowl

  • This item increases discovery by 50 in a three-minute window.
  • For this item to be worthwhile, you will need a quick and efficient grinding spot.
  • It is possible to steal it from the body resting on the wall at Stormveil Castle’s top level.
  • It can also be found near the Altus Plateau cemetery or a tent north the broken bridge leading to Raya Lucaria Academy.
  • You can also purchase it from Twin Maiden Husks at Roundtable Hold after you kill Gostoc.
  • Missionary’s Cookbook and the following crafting materials are required to make the Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot: three Rowa Fruits, one Four-Toed Fowl Foot and one Silver Firefly.

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The Marais Mask

  • This lightweight head armor increases Arcane slightly
  • It is dropped in The Shaded Castle by Maleigh Marais.

Crown of Witch’s Glintstone

  • This item increases Intelligence, and Arcane.
  • It decreases stamina.
  • It is possible to get it by following the questline Solenof.

The Mask of Confidence

  • This mask increases Arcane by 3
  • It can be found in the Carian Study Hall.

The Albinauric Mask

  • This alien-like object increases your discovery rate by +4.
  • This mask reduces HP recovery.
  • It can be found in Volcano manor, near the Guest Hall grace.


Use masks and talismans to increase your item discovery in Elden Ring. Also, invest in Arcane. The Silver Tear Mask and Silver Scarab are some examples of items that increase item discovery.

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