Elden Ring: How to Get to Island West of Limgrave & Church of Dragon Communion

Elden Ring: How to Get to Island West of Limgrave & Church of Dragon Communion

The island located west from Limgrave located in Elden Ring cannot be reached via a journey across the ocean, since it is fatal to go too deep. In this way, players have been trying to figure out how to get access to the elusive island, especially since it’s the home of the Church of Dragon Communion and the possibility of an invigorating Incantation to get the right items. Here’s what you need to know about the route to reach it.

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Getting to the Island West of Limgrave

To access this island, visitors will have to locate it in the Coastal Cave in the cliff side along the beach.

It’s located north of the massive ruin, where you’ll find the vendor who will sell you an arrow that is short. It’s also near the white track circle that shine on the sandy beach.

Follow the route until you arrive at an open space. It’s time to battle the two Demi-Human Chiefs the area, which is challenging according to your current level. We recommend that you increase your level to 18-20 in order to make the boss fight much more manageable.

After defeating the Demi-Human Chiefs and obtaining Boc’s Sewing Needle to Boc Don’t turn off the ‘Return To Entrance Light’ and continue into the cave. In the end, you’ll leave the cave and land in the western part of the island of Limgrave in the Elden Ring.

This island belongs to the Church of Dragon Communion, which is a structure which requires a certain item to be used.

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What to Do at The Church of Dragon Communion?

You can utilize Dragon Hearts -earned by fighting dragons in The Lands Between, such as the Flying Dragon Agheel bossin The Church of Dragon Communion to obtain an Incantation. Three Incantations can be purchased from this site, and you’ll require the Dragon Heart to purchase each one.

These are the Incantations:

  • Dragonfire Dragons channel dragons to spew out flame breath.
  • Dragonclaw Dragonclaw – Channels dragons to crush foes by using dragon claws.
  • Dragonmaw – Sends an animal to attack foes that are in the front of the casting.

This is all you need to be aware of when reaching the island to the west in Limgrave. For more useful strategies and tips to aid you in your journey through The Lands Between, be sure to read the Elden Ring Wiki or read the rest of our guides to FromSoft’s most recent RPG below.

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