Elden Ring – How To Get To Dragon Island?

Elden Ring - How To Get To Dragon Island?

Dragon Island Dragon Island is an amazing area within Elden Ring that consists of lots of loot along with an altar that you can obtain the most powerful spells. While the island appears beautiful, you can’t reach it easily. 

To get there, you’ll need an effort and time and there are plenty of players who are wondering how to get there. Are you among the players? If yes, we’ve put together a guide just for you. We will tell you everything you have to do to get to Dragon Island in Elden Ring.

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How to Reach Dragon Island in Elden Ring?

To access The Dragon Island in Elden Ring You will have to explore the caves that are located on the mainland to find Grace Point. After that you will see an announcement that reads Lost Grace Found. The Grace Point will allow you to dig further into the cave.

When you enter further into the cave you’ll encounter various enemies. Because the cave is dark, we suggest you have a flashlight with you so you are able to see clearly. If you encounter these foes You can fight them to the death or simply run away from them. Your choice is entirely yours. But, we have to note that killing enemies will reward you with extra runes.

Once you’ve killed all your enemies after which you’ll be within the next room in the cave. Before you go further into this area, we suggest paying attention to the glowing light of gold. By doing this, you can get the help of Old Knight Ivan. The knight will assist you to keep the boss engaged.

With the knight at your side, you can be sneaky and stealthily take out the entire minions. After you have gotten past them then you’ll find yourself fighting the two bosses. They Demon Chieftains are difficult to take down due to their melee attack. The knight should utilize his skills to assist you in taking down these cretins to the ground.

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After you have successfully killed both bosses, head toward the side of the chamber until you spot the white swirling glowing pillar. Don’t interact with the pillar as it will take you back to the cave’s entrance. the cave. Instead, continue to go further into darkness. This will lead you to a different tunnel. In this tunnel, you must get past the foes.

By killing these enemies and then moving forward will bring you to the entrance to Dragon Island. You read it right! The cave that you are entering at the beginning really is part of the system of tunnels that go right below the ocean and on to the island the island itself.

There you go. That’s all you have to do to get to Dragon Island in Elden Ring. As you will see, the process is a lot of fun. In addition to beating up on your enemies as well as find a brand new way.

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