Elden Ring How To Get To Deeproot Depths

Elden Ring How To Get To Deeproot Depths

Elden Ring is an enormous open-world adventure. People who are only now getting into the game will be stunned by the sheer amount of content available to explore discover, explore, and explore. From Software did a fantastic job of creating an open world that appears and feels incredibly alive (even even if it’s crammed with various Dark Souls-inspired hurt). Even after more than 50 hours, there are likely things players haven’t seen yet.

One of the major reason for this is because developers have done a fantastic job of introducing obscure zones and secret areas in the open world. Certain of these areas are easier to locate than others. It is the Deeproot Depths is one of the most “complex” of the hidden locations since it is located deep within an already vast underground space. Here’s a look into where players can locate deep within the Deeproot Depths in Elden Ring.

Unlocking Nokron, Eternal City

The players who hope to reach deep into the Deeproot Depths early on will encounter difficulties. The Deeproot Depths can be reached through a journey that takes you through Nokron, Eternal City, an area which is locked behind a huge boss. Anyone who wants to make the long journey to Nokron, Eternal City must first deal the Starscourge Radahn who is one of the bosses of Elden Ring and, perhaps, some of the most difficult of all players.

While it’s possible to complete the main storyline in Elden Ring without ever having to defeat Radahn the players trying to become Nokron must take on the Demi-God. It’s an extremely difficult battle, and is definitely not one for those who play in the early games, so Deeproot Depths is essentially off-limits for those who don’t have a group of co-operative players to defeat Starscourge Radahn together.

After defeating Radahn the players will see an area that has been created located in South-Eastern Limgrave, just to the south to that of the Mistwood Ruins. The area was hit by a huge star and is now a rumbling mass of rocks and debris. As they climb down the cliff and then navigating their way through an adjacent cave and then falling into Nokron, Eternal City. It requires a little playing on platforms and careful planning to get through the initial part of Nokron however, players will be sure they’re on the right course when they arrive at the Site of Grace that opens to reveal a vast area in the town.

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Heading Through Nokron To The Soifra Aqueduct

After descending a narrow ramp that runs between two massive structures, players will be in a wide open area that includes an inaccessible bridge and vast open structure with an impressive mist wall. The boss in the room is Mimic Tear which is a creature that copies the player’s weaponry, armor and even items that are equipped. It can be a difficult fight , depending on the kind of build the character is using and their equipment, however there’s a fairly simple method to “cheese through it.” By simply removing their gear and walking into the entrance the players can create an Mimic Tear without equipment or weapons. They can then swiftly re-equip their gear and easily defeat the boss.

Once that the Mimic Tear is defeated, players can proceed up the stairs that are nearby and walk across an enormous bridge. At the end of the bridge, there’s a wall section that’s missing and players will see the path down to where two massive enemies are guarding. If players stay on the left side while making their way downwards and then follow the wall to the top of an unassuming hill to the left , they’ll be able access another Site of Grace for the Ancestral Woods.

Directly to the East of the brand new Site of Grace will put players in a secluded trail through the forest that lie to left of the columned area. It will be clear that players are tracking through the woods in the right direction by the time they start to see jellyfish. Then, following the Jellyfish and then veering towards the right in the trees eventually will lead players to a small hill, before reaching the cliffs that are teeming with jellyfish. From there, visitors can gaze across the top of the cliff and see an unmarked path that is jutting out of the rock wall that is on the left edge of the cliff. Then, by jumping down and following the route will eventually lead to a different Site of Grace, the Aqueduct-Facing Cliffs.

Getting Through The Siofra Aqueduct

After reaching the Aqueduct-Facing cliffs, they can climb the wall to the left and then run through the middle of the route to locate a huge tower. It is important to be cautious not to avoid jumping onto the small roof beam, which is thin before descending into the tower. From there, they can go to the door to the left, and then into the room to the right. It’s crucial to know the presence of two Crucible Knights who are in the zone and can prove to be quite trouble. When players have made it to the long hall that has water on the floor they need to continue to the left , and proceed to the right side of the waterfall, just past the arches. After turning left, there’s an elevator that takes you up into a huge open cave that has a huge waterfall that runs through it.

Tips For Defeating The Valiant Gargoyle Duo

The boss fight that occurs prior to Deeproot Depths is certainly one of the toughest games for certain players. This Valiant Gargoyle that swoops down is able to kill many players in one or two strikes, and it also comes with enormous AOE attacks that are difficult to defeat for players who are only getting to meet this boss in the very first. As with all Elden Ring’s enemies, understanding the valiant gargoyle’s tactics is crucial to defeating it, however, things are much more difficult than usual in this particular fight. It’s because shortly after players engage with the initial Valiant Gargoyle, a second one will appear (this one with the Twin Blade weapon).

In addition The duo has access to a massive poison AOE which can quickly completely fill up a player’s poison bar (unless they possess any poison-resistant items). This is why it’s not advised to remain in close proximity with the Gargoyles at all times. The poison AOE coupled with their savage attacks make close-quarter combat difficult to control especially when both are at the same time attacking the player.

The most effective strategy to take to beat to defeat the Valiant Gargoyle Duo is to get away from them and try to lure the one to move closer. This will allow players to jump in and do decent damage before going back away. This fight is very likely to take out those who are stingy in their attack. It is important not to go overboard or extend your reach. 

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It’s a systematic battle that requires patience, therefore players must be ready to endure the long duration. A spell such as Flame Cleanse Me! can be extremely helpful in removing the poison in case it develops too much. Players who struggle may also make use of Mimic Tear Ashes to summon an A.I. replica of themselves, or to make an appeal for summons in the hopes that someone else can help.

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