Elden Ring: How to Get to Altus Plateau

Elden Ring: How to Get to Altus Plateau

After winning Liurnia of the Lakes and defeating Rennala Your next objective to achieve in Elden Ring is to reach Altus Plateau.

If you’re making your way through the old dungeons Elden Ring, you’ve probably beat Rennala and have earned the right to change the attributes. If you’re not sure how you can accomplish this, we’ve got an guide to change your character’s characteristics to improve your performance in Elden Ring.

If you’d like to move on to the next part of your trip, you’re likely to have to locate Atlus Plateau.

For your convenience, there are two routes for getting to Atlus Plateau. Altus Plateau area. This guide will assist you in finding both routes to Atlus Plateau, allowing you to decide which one you prefer.

How to Reach Altus Plateau Through The Grand Lift of Dectus

The most common method of arriving to Altus Plateau is via The Grand Lift of Dectus. This can be described as most convenient and “easiest” way.

Before heading for The Grand Lift, we have to locate two medallions. This could be a an extended procedure when it comes to traveling time, unless you’ve read the previous guides.

We must first go toward Fort Haight. It’s fortunate that Fort Haight is early in Elden Ring, as it’s located East of Limgrave.

Go to the Fort to fight the numerous small enemies that are a part of the fort. You must fight your way through the enemies until you reach the highest point of the fort and climb a ladder within the tower. Once you have reached the top, access a chest and find your Dectus Medallion Left piece.

When visiting Fort Haight, make sure to get The Bloody Slash Ash of War One of the most popular Ashes of War in Elden Ring!

We’ll need to go to Caelid. If you’ve followed our earlier-game Elden Ring Meteorite Staff Guide and you’ve access to the area. If not There are two ways to gain access to Caelid.

  • Through a chest found in the Dragon Burnt Ruins in Limgrave and takes players to Caelid directly
  • Moving east from Limgrave and following the road toward Caelid.

After you’ve arrived located in Caelid then head towards Fort Faroth in the east of Caelid. Bats can cause a lot of poison, so just follow them straight and climb up the ladder, and then open the chest in order to earn an item called the Dectus Medallion Right item!

After you’ve gathered the two pieces, head over towards your Main Academy Gate Site of Grace in Liurnia of the Lakes, then turn around and go towards the north blue seal. You can interact with it, and teleport.

After you’ve teleported, it’s likely that you’ll be in the Bellum Highway. Follow the road and continue to the ruin of an old church. There’s an Site of Grace here (and you’ll need it to complete the second way as well!)

Leave the church, and then take the highway to the northeast, towards the huge structure. Be on the lookout for Trebuchets who throw rocks at you. Then, accelerate past the tiny military camp.

After entering the building, make a move on the tiny circular platforms and a cutscene will begin. When the cutscene is over you’ll be at Altus Plateau!

How to Get to Altus Plateau in Elden Ring WITHOUT The Grand Lift

If you’re hoping to get to Altus Plateau without using The Grand Lift of Dectus, here’s how to do this!

Take a trip towards head to the Main Academy Gate Site of Grace Turn around and then head towards the blue seal, which is located closer to the north. Engage with it to transfer onto The Bellum Highway. Bellum Highway.

As with the previous method follow the same route towards The Bellum Church Site of Grace within the ruins of an old church. From there, instead of going east as in the other way, head down the slope to the north.

Take the slope to the towards the northeast until you get to the river. Continue along the river be aware of the poisonous creatures that release gas. Soon, you’ll find a tiny erdtree with golden seeds. Take it home, swing it around, and then find an Site of Grace near a shelter.

Go up the ladder in front of The Site of Grace and keep walking along the treacherous route. There will be some very annoying creatures Keep your eyes on the prize.

In the end you’ll be able to use an elevator to get to the Site of Grace called the Ruin-Strewn Precipice Overlook. This is the Site of Grace before a Magma Wyrm boss fight. Utilize co-op summons and Spirit Ash summons aid you. If you require more powerful summons, we’ve got an guide to help you find each Spirit Ash Summon within the Elden Ring.

In order to defeat the Magma Wyrm and then head for the lift on the opposite end of the cave and climb it. You’ll be on the Altus Plateau.

There you are! It’s getting more and more proficient with each step on the Elden Ring journey! If you’re looking for a mid-game or final-game equipment, check out the Black Knife Tiche Spirit Ash Summon in Elden Ring.

If you’re in need of an extra breather, make sure to read the steps to pause in Elden Ring – without Mods!

Lastly, if you’re a sorcerer-in-training, make sure to check out where to find the Dragon Incantation, Rotten Breath, in Elden Ring!

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