Elden Ring: How to get to Ainsel River

This guide will show you how to reach Ansel River Main and Ainsel River Well Depths. Prepare to explore the complex cave system in this region.

How to get to Ainsel River Main

To get to Ainsel River Main, use the teleporter on the highest point of Ranni’s Rise. You can utilize the Teleported after you have completed Ranni’s quest line and providing her with The Fingerslayer Blade.

Alternatively, go to The Nameless Eternal City Grace Site. Then, kill The Gargoyles in the Siofra Aqueduct and ride the Great Waterfall Basin coffin to arrive at Ainsel River Main.

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How to get to Ainsel River Well Depths

To reach Ainsel River Well Depths, you have to beat the Golem who is guarding the elevator that will bring you to the wells. Head to the east end of Liurnia of the Lakes and then go to the north until you find an old stone structure. Take on the Golem that is guarding the building. The elevator that takes one into Ainsel River Well Depths is within the building.

Where can I find how to locate Ainsel River Merchant

To locate The Hermit merchant from Ainsel River, go to the Uhl Palace Ruins. Go through the cave tunnel and then run over the edge of the pillar that fell down onto the platform underneath. Get off the platform to get to the room where the merchant from the Ainsel River is located.

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How to locate the Merchant in the Ainsel River

  1. Go to the Ainsel River Well Depths
  2. Utilize the elevator and go down
  3. Do not bother with the giant ants, and continue to run into the tunnel
  4. After you’ve exited the tunnel, go up the steps to your left.
  5. Go over the bridge and then activate it. Site of Grace nearby
  6. Go to the room next to the Site of Grace
  7. Press the lever to summon the elevator. proceed further down
  8. Go to the right and you’ll find Uhl Palace Ruins. Uhl Palace Ruins
  9. Turn right, and go through the cave tunnel.
  10. Hurry towards the pillar that has fallen
  11. Reach the ledge that is at the very top, and jump across the edge
  12. Once you’ve reached a platform walk to its edge, and then jump off.
  13. The second platform will be found that’s right below the first one.
  14. There’s the Merchant from the Ainsel River

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