Elden Ring: How to Get the Jar Cannon

Elden Ring: How to Get the Jar Cannon

Swords, spears, hammers? It all is logical. Bows and crossbows? It’s reasonable. A Jar Cannon? The name is logical since we’re talking about Elden Ring, but this is an extremely distinctive weapon. It is known as the Jar Cannon is a ballista weapon that is capable of doing enormous damage to enemies from a distance, and it requires a fair amount of Strength to use.

Even those who do not utilize the weapon are likely to keep it in their arsenal, particularly if they’ve gained the Jar-friend during their journey. This guide will show you how and where to find Elden Ring’s Jar Cannon ballista weapon in Elden Ring.

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How Do I Get the Jar Cannon In Elden Ring

To obtain Jar Cannon, you will have to go to the northern portion of the Mt. Gelmir region. It is necessary to travel to the appropriately named cavern, known to be Volcano Cave. To access this cavern, you must begin with The First Mt. Gelmir Site Campsite of Grace. Head towards the northwest, and you’ll see a huge watchtower. Beyond the watchtower is an old bridge made of rock that is abutting to the right from the top. The bridge will lead you to the landing shown on this map.

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From here, head towards the wall’s ladder, which will make the graffitied Scion leap down to take you down. The fight against the Scion is not required; however, it will make getting out of this location much easier when trying to find your Jar, Cannon. Take the ladder that has another ladder waiting near the summit. There are up to four steps from beginning up to reaching the summit of the cliff face. When you reach the top, turn to the right, passing several demi-humans until you reach the below spot. It is the Jar Cannon. Jar Cannon is at the end of the cave.

Find your way through the cave, and then to the boss fight in the cave Demihuman Queen Margot. In the end, defeating this boss will award players by granting them the Jar Cannon they have been seeking. It is a Jar Cannon that will require players to be at level 34 in Strength and level 12 skills to be able to use it effectively.

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