Elden Ring: How to Get Bull-Goat Armor Set

Elden Ring: How to Get Bull-Goat Armor Set

The Bull-Goat Armor Set is one of Elden Ring’s most powerful sets. Here’s how players can get it.

There are many armor pieces that Elden Ring can unlock, some even forming complete 4-piece sets. While most armors only boost defensive stats, some provide special abilities and buff status effects. The Bull-Goat Armor is a 4-piece special set that greatly increases a player’s Poise as well as their defensive stats.

The Bull-Goat armor is one of the most powerful and largest in Elden Ring. It’s perfect for players who want to keep their feet on the ground during tough fights. Tarnished will move slower than usual due to its weight, but it’s worth the tradeoff. Here are some places where you can get the complete Bull-Goat Armor Set in Elden Ring.

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Prerequisites for The Bull-Goat Armor Set

Although the quest for Bull-Goat Armor is quite straightforward, players will need to have completed certain tasks before they can be granted this quest. Patches is the first person to meet those who want heavy gear. You can start your quest by going to the Murkwater Cave. It is located in the ravine East the Agheel lake North Site of Grace. NPC Invaders patrol the ravine close to the cave entrance for players who are looking for this area early in their adventure. Although the Invader is difficult to defeat for low-level players it is recommended that you use daggers to fight the Invader. Reduvia is a powerful weapon for early game.

After players have cleared Murkwater Cave they will enter a boss room that triggers a fight against Patches. This NPC is easy to defeat, especially when compared to Elden Ring’s early-game bosses. He will surrender to the Tarnished if his health drops enough.

Players should not kill PATCHES but instead surrender to him as they will be unable to get the Bull-Goat Armor.

Patches will ask players to come back to him after they have met. You can do this by leaving the area and returning (usually via a Site of Grace, as leaving the room is not enough). Players who are having trouble understanding Patches can purchase an item from him. He will give players a chest to open once they return from their quest. This chest can be opened to release a trap that will take players to Mistwood Ruins. They can then continue Patches questline. To be able engage in NPC Invasion Hunts, players must first “join Volcano Manor”, and the NPC must be present at Volcano Manor. Accepting a hunt request by Patches at Volcano manor will put players on the road to the Bull-Goat Armor.

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Where to Find Bull-Goat Armor in Elden Ring

Once they have the Letter from Patches they can access their inventory to read it and find the mark they need to hunt. To get this heavy armor set, players must first defeat the powerful warrior who wears it. The letter will be placed on the map and will indicate the Great Horned Tragoth. However, the Invasion requires that you go through an annoying boss to get your. Players will need to climb up the Ruin-Strewn Precipice, until they reach the top. Then, battle Magma Wyrm Makar.

Players will find the Invasion Sign within the same room as the Wyrm after the Wyrm has been defeated. It is located near a new Site of Grace. The Great Horned Tragoth will be found inside. Although the NPC is quite skilled in Poise, it’s not difficult to defeat. The Bull-Goat Armor Set will be awarded to players for defeating him. If they wish to obtain the Magma Whip Candlestick, players should make sure they return to Patches after defeating him.

What does the Bull-Goat Armor do?

Bull-Goat Armor, which adds a staggering 63 to Tarnished’s weight, is one of the most heavy setups in the game. Even though players may not be able to move fast without much Endurance, it is worth the sacrifice as the armor set offers heavy resistances, 100 Poise and great defensive stats. For those who want additional damage resistance, it’s one of the most powerful armor sets in Elden Ring. It looks amazing, not only for its incredible stats but also because of the two large jutting horns at the top of each torso.

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