Elden Ring – How To Get Alexander Unstuck & Free Him?

Elden Ring - How To Get Alexander Unstuck & Free Him?

Alexander often get stuck in Elden Ring, and you are likely to have to help him get free more than one time. If you’re not aware of Alexander or the entire issue that the potman faces when he finds himself in such situations we have just the information you need. We will teach you how to solve the issue of Alexander free again in the Elden Ring.

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How to Get Alexander Unstuck the Second Time in Elden Ring?

For Iron Fist Alexander unstuck the second time around in the Elden Ring, you need to go to his spot close to Artist’s Shack. It is necessary to visit this location after you defeat Starscourge Rahdan and after having completed the game’s arc of tournaments.

If you go to the exact location then you will have to create an oil Pot within the Sofia Well. After that, you must get out from the shack, and make your way through the scaffolding. From here, you can descend and continue along the path of the wooden platform until you reach an arch-like structure that resembles a cave. From here, you can go over the waterfall, and proceed to the bottom. There, you’ll come across an entrepreneur. The vendor will provide you with two books to choose from. Choose the one that is more expensive to obtain instructions for creating an Oil Pot. Create your own oil pan and then return to Alexander to help him get out of his place within the Elden Ring.

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When you are back at Alexander’s place You must toss the pot in the direction of Alexander. Then, take a big weapon and then charge it with an attack. Once you have done that, you can utilize your weapon to hit Alexander and then set Alexander free.

After you have gotten yourself out of the bind, Alexander will express his gratitude and give to you the Exalted Flesh as reward. This is all you have to learn about the mission within the Elden Ring. As you will observe that the process of setting Alexander free isn’t difficult at all. But, be prepared to repeat this process multiple times.

If you’re now aware of everything you need to know about the process of setting Iron Fist Alexander and free, you can take a look through the Elden Ring Guides.

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