Elden Ring: How to Get Above Village of Albinaurics

Elden Ring: How to Get Above Village of Albinaurics

The area that lies above Elden Ring and the Village of the Albinaurics in Elden Ring is not that easy. There’s a cliff that is above the village that appears frightening. This could put off some gamers who are afraid of high places. In the end, if you fall, you could fall to the ground and die.

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Elden Ring: How to Get Above Village of Albinaurics?

To climb over the village of the Albinaurics, you have to complete Ranni’s questline. You must agree to assist Ranni and complete all tasks the questline requires. Complete the questline and unlock a seal inside the final boss room which lets you access an elevator that will take you to the area over that area of Village in Albinaurics.

To finish the questline, you must first defeat Astel naturalborn in the Void. This will allow players the access Astel Site of Grace.

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After you’ve entered The Astel Site of Grace, head straight for the elevator. You can use the lever to signal it down if it’s not. Take the elevator to access Deep Ainsel Well. Deep Ainsel Well. From there, go north-east, until you reach the area that is located over that of the Village in Albinaurics.

There aren’t any NPCs or enemies in this location. There are no enemies or NPCs at Deep Ainsel Well. However, this location will bring one closer to Cathedral of Manus Celes and the Moonlight Altar.

Did you succeed in completing Ranni’s questline, and get to the area that is above what is known as the Village of the Albinaurics? Tell me by leaving a comment below.

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