Elden Ring: How to Equip Items to Pouch And How to Use Them

Elden Ring: How to Equip Items to Pouch (And How to Use Them)

The Pouch is an extremely useful feature of Elden Ring It gives players instant access to upto four different items they can choose from. But, the method for assigning objects to the Pouch isn’t made explicit in game and some players might even be unsure of what to do with their Pouch items once they’ve been given them.

The purpose of shedding light on these issues is the main goal of this guide. readers will get all the details regarding Elden Ring’s Pouch later on.

Updated on July 31st 2022, by Erik Petrovich. the item pouch the newest feature of Elden Ring that gives players the option of bringing specific items into a brand new menu. The mechanic that is similar to that of the Elden Ring pouch was not included on any other FromSoftware game, however it is perfect for Lands Between thanks to the numerous items players can find and utilize during their journey. 

It’s a simple system that allows players to get access to items that they often use without having to crowd the Flask bar. The process of setting it up is straightforward as just navigating the menu and then assigning items to the slots, but make sure you spend some time getting comfortable with the way it functions as it’s not right to search for an item when you’re in an ensuing battle.

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Elden Ring: How to Equip Items to Pouch

When assigning an object to a slot in the pouch, start by pressing the Start button (or your equivalent for your platform) to display the menu. The pouch appears on the upper-right corner of this menu screen and can be selected using the d-pad, just like other menus within Elden Ring. There should be four slots that have assigned inputs from the d-pad, and two slots that have no inputs. The two Elden Ring pouch slots can only be used directly from the option, and is more efficient than searching to the store.

To place an object in the quick-select pouch click”Switch. “Switch” input while highlighting one of the slots. By default, the input is Triangle or Y. This allows the inventory within the Elden Ring to choose a consumable that you wish to put in. Certain consumables are better when stored in the bag than other, for example for instance, the Spectral Steed Whistle is a well-known item to keep in your pouch, making the process of mounting Torrent more efficient for instance. Another option is your preferred Spirit Ashes, Boluses for Poison or Scarlet Rot or even Prattling Pates.

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Elden Ring: How to Use Pouch Items

After placing items in the pouch Elden Ring players are able to use these items using on the Interact button (Y or Triangle) and the D-pad input for any slot simultaneously. When you press your Interact button the left menu will show the slots of your pouch, not equipped with Quick Items and weapons. This permits the Pouch to function as a quick-select tool however, keep in mind that the two slots at the bottom inside the pouch of six slots don’t appear here , and should be selected directly by selecting the menu.

The distinction is the fact that Quick Items are the 10 items that players are able to swap between by using the downward direction input. They are operated by pressing X or square. There is only one item that can be opened at a given time, so you must switch between the items equipped for them to be used. Elden Ring pouch items however they can be opened simultaneously by pressing an Interact button, which makes them faster to use. It is generally recommended to keep the bar for Quick Items unlocked aside from Flasks to make it easier to swap them during combat or using the pouch for consumables as well as other things.

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