‘Elden Ring’: How To Duplicate Weapons Without Glitches

'Elden Ring': How To Duplicate Weapons Without Glitches

There are plenty of enjoyable designs and loadouts available within “Elden Ring,” but for those who wish to pursue a specific appearance or set of equipment, duplicates might be needed.

Most often, the weapons from ” Elden Ring” can only be acquired at a single time. There are however some ways to acquire several copies of the same weapon, without relying on games-breaking glitches or exploits which could result in players being banned.

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Duplicating special and normal weapons

Typically, players can only acquire weapons once in a game, unless they’re randomly dropped from enemies. But, weapons such as weapons like the Uchigatana, Greatsword, Moonveil or other similar weapons are available for purchase again through the assistance of a player.

It can be accomplished by stepping into the world of a friend as a phantom friend and leaving weapons in the dirt. The players can grab the weapon that was dropped and bring it back to their own world together. By doing this, they will be able to completely eliminate the weapon from the original owner’s realm This means they’ll need to complete their adventure before they are able to acquire the weapon again.

It is crucial that the lender choose to select the “Leave” option when dropping the weapon instead of “Discard” as the latter will erase the item completely.

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Duplicating unique boss weapons

While the first method could technically be applied to the boss weapon, such as Godrick’s axe and Radahn’s swords and swords, players can make duplicates of these weapons without the need for the second group. It is, however, only able to be done one time each game cycle.

To duplicate the boss weapon players must locate the massive walking Mausoleums located in specific areas of the game’s the world. They’re usually impossible to build due to the fact that they are massive they are, however they are able to be lowered by breaking the skull-like crystals which cover the top of them.

When inside the mausoleum there, players can duplicate the Remembrance object from any boss that they’ve encountered during their current game. Pick up it as a Remembrance item and bring the item back with them to Enia in the Roundtable to hold.

This technique is great for obtaining a unique item from a boss, or to gain additional Runes. But the walking Mausoleum is only available only once.

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