Elden Ring: How to Destroy Chariot Enemies

Elden Ring: How to Destroy Chariot Enemies

To make exploration easier, you should defeat the Chariot enemy in Elden Ring. There are many enemies in this game. I don’t mean just any shape or size. There are Mice as large as Goats frogs Lizards, and Giants with Bows that can fire arrows the same size as Trucks.

Chariots are one of these annoying enemies. They can ruin your day but shouldn’t cause any problems. Chariots are an enemy consisting of a Rider riding on a Chariot and moving around certain Grave areas. This guide will teach you how to destroy Chariot Enemies within Elden Ring.

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How to destroy the Chariot in Elden Ring

The Chariot Enemy of Elden Ring can be found in 3 Graves. These are the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave and Auriza Hero’s Grave. Each Grave has a different way of destroying its Chariots.

Fringefolk Hero’s Grave

Fringefolk Heroes Grave will require you to drop a Large Jar which will explode upon impact. They will be suspended above the Chariot’s Path. You will need to shoot the Arrow in order to drop the Arrow. The shot must be taken as soon as the Chariot is underneath the Jar. You will need to navigate to the Stranded Graveyard of Grace to reach the Jars. You can then go to the Path where the Chariot is. Continue following the Path until you reach the drop at the sides. Keep your eyes on the edges, and you’ll land at an edge. Continue following the Path until you reach a Pillar that shoots flames. Shoot it with a Bow for disarming.

Follow the Path until you reach the giant Maiden Statue. You will eventually reach an edge if you walk off the Path. Continue walking from there until you reach the Tunnel. Use the elevator to ascend. You should be able to see the Jars if you climb the stairs. To destroy the Chariot in Elden Ring, time it and shoot the Rope from the Jar.

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Auriza Hero’s Grave – Destroy All Chariot Enemies In Elden Ring

Take the right turn from the Auriza Hero’s Grave Site of Grace to locate the Chariots. They won’t appear immediately, but they will soon appear if you descend. Start at and go down. Follow the Path. You will find another section with multiple Chariots. Continue down this Path until you reach it. There are two Chariots at the front and back. You will see a Corpse at the edge. Jump down from that and land on the Beams.

Continue doing so until you reach the lowest Beam. Continue following that Beam until you reach a Ladder. Climb it. You will be in a Tunnel. Go to the end. You will be under another Chariot. After the Chariot passes by, get up and go to the right. You will see a Pillar that shoots Fire. Hit it to change the direction. You must move to the entrance of the room. You will now have to die and respawn. You will be able to go back to the Chariots, and another one will spawn, causing them all to crash.

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Gelmir Hero’s Cemetery

The Riders are not allowed on the Chariots of Gelmir Hero’s Grave, Elden Ring. You will not be able to ride them unless they are within your reach.

After destroying the Chariots at Auriza Hero’s Grave and Fringefolk Hero’s Grave, you will receive Erdtree Greatbow and Tree Sentinel Set, as well as the Ash of War Holy Ground. This guide was about how to defeat the Chariot Enemies of Elden Ring. This guide should have helped. 

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