Elden Ring: How To Destroy Chariot Enemies

Elden Ring: How To Destroy Chariot Enemies

You are responsible for eliminating the Chariot enemy in the Elden Ring while exploring the Graves to aid your exploration. This game comes with a vast array of enemies in all sizes and shapes. By the term “shapes and sizes,” I’m talking about all shapes and sizes.

Mice that are the size of Goats and weird Frog Lizards to giants with Bows that shoot Arrows that are the size of trucks. In the midst of the enemies out there, Chariots are one of those aggravating enemies that should not cause much trouble but can cause havoc to your day. If you don’t know, Chariots are enemies who consist of a rider on a Chariot, and they move across certain parts of a grave. This tutorial will explain how to destroy Chariot Enemies within the Elden Ring.

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How to Destroy Chariot in Elden Ring

Three main Graves contain The Chariot Enemy in Elden Ring. They are Fringefolk, the Hero’s Grave, Auriza Hero’s Grave, and the Gelmir Hero’s Grave. Every one of the Graves has a distinct way of destroying their Chariots.

Fringefolk Hero’s Grave

In the game Fringefolk Heroes Grave, You will need to drop a huge Jar that will explode upon the impact. The Jars will be suspended above what is the route of the Chariot. To remove it, you must use the Arrow and time your shot to ensure that the Chariot is in the Jar. To reach the Jars, you’ll need to go to your Stranded Graveyard location in Grace. From there, take the Path on which the Chariot is located. Continue down the Path until there is a drop to one of the edges. Stay towards the edge and fall until you land on edge. Follow the route until you come across a Pillar that emits flames that you can shoot with a bow to disable it.

Then, follow the Path until you reach the massive Maiden Statue. Then, walk away from the Path, but don’t be worried because you’ll land on edge. From there, walk back, and you’ll come across the Tunnel. You can go through the Tunnel and then take to the elevator to the top. As you ascend the stairs, you will be able to see the Jars. Make sure to time it, and then hit your rope on the Jar to take out the Chariot inside the Elden Ring.

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Ariza Hero’s Grave – Destroy All Chariot Enemies in Elden Ring

To reach the Auriza Hero’s Grave Site of Grace, take a left to locate the Chariots. The first time you see them, however, descend, and they’ll spawn. The first Chariot, drop down and follow the trail. This will lead you to a second section where a variety of Chariots are moving around. Follow the Path until you’re between two Chariotsfront & back. There is a Corpe that is on top. Take a leap from the ledge and fall onto Beams. Beams.

Continue doing this until you have reached the lowest Beam. Follow the Beam until you come across a ladder that you can climb. Then you will be in the middle of a tunnel you can walk through until the end. It will take you to another Chariot. After the Chariot is over your Path, climb up and go to the room on one side. There is a pillar shooting Fire, and you can strike it, and it will alter direction. Be sure to move in the direction changes to the opening to the area. Then you’ll need to be killed and then restart. If you return to the Chariots, another will appear, causing all of them to collapse.

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Gelmir Hero’s Grave

The Chariots that are in Gelmir Hero’s Grave in Elden Ring are not equipped with riders on the vehicles. Therefore, you won’t be allowed to ride on them if they are within a reasonable distance of you.

After destroying the Chariots of Auriza The Hero’s Garden as well as Fringefolk The Hero’s Grave and Fringefolk Hero’s Grave, you’ll receive Erdtree Greatbow, Tree Sentinel Set, and The Ash of War: Holy Ground. This article was about how to defeat the Chariot enemies in the Elden Ring. We hope that this guide has been helpful. It is also possible to look at our other guides, such as How to Increase the Rate of Drops within Elden Ring.

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