Elden Ring: How to Cheese the Fire Giant Fight

Elden Ring: How to Cheese the Fire Giant Fight

The Fire Giant guards the entrance to the Forge of Giants it is the Fire Giant is a mandatory boss in Elden Ring that Tarnished adventurers may find difficult unless they are able to take on the beast. At first people may think that they can count on the Fire Giant to be an easy battle, since the boss is moving in a slow pace. But, this colossal savior has a lengthy and abrasive attack range, and has capabilities that could one or two-shot players. Thus, Tarnished pilgrims might need use exploitative strategies of cheese if they want to defeat Elden Ring. Fire Giant in Elden Ring.

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Cheesing The Fire Giant In Elden Ring

To slay to the Fire Giant in Elden Ring Tarnished must have a large amount of bolts or arrows and a quality archery bow or crossbow. The most effective strategy is to break beyond the boundaries of the arena boss, and keep the safe distance while cutting down all the fire giant’s energy.

First, you need getting the fire giant’s health up to a half-HP by continuously hitting his foot on the left. This is recommended as when a player leaves the arena, they’ll be transported back to the arena in the second phase. To exit the boss area of the Fire Giant within the Elden Ring, ride atop Torrent toward the entrance to the northern end of. Take the ridge on the left and then carefully jump over the gap to the massive chain that leads into the foggy gate.

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The Fire Giant’s flames that are ranged attacks will be effective in bringing the attacker to the ground through the ravine. Therefore, you should use the bramble-covered corpse of a troll to get cover. Shoot projectiles at the boss and aim them through the cracks in your frozen corpse until it has lost all HP. After having cheesy Elden Ring, the Fire Giant in Elden Ring the players can go into in the Forge of the Giants and continue the story.

Elden Ring can be downloaded on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and on PC.

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