Elden Ring: How to Break the Glowing Statues and What’s Inside

How to Break the Glowing Statues and What's Inside

We often gives at least a hint as to what you should do next in their games. But not always, so here are some ways you can get into the glowing statues of Elden Ring to claim your prize!

Although Elden Lords have the ability to kill literal Gods, there are some things that are too difficult for them to conquer. This includes the statues found throughout the Lands Between that emit a blue glow from large cracks.

Any seasoned gamer will know that these statues have something they want. What’s unclear is how to open them. Here’s how it can be done!

Are you looking for another puzzle that will take you to the Lands Between? This is how to solve every Elden Ring painting puzzle!

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There are several locations of Glowing Statues.

Here are some places we know of where you can find Elden Ring breakable statues:

  • Stormveil castle – This is likely to be the first glowing statue that you’ll see, and it is located in the courtyard next to the ogre-like Omen.
  • Sealed Tunnel Altus Plateau, – At the bottom of the mine pit, under the wooden platforms.
  • Mt. Gelmir – Just beyond the Lava Lake, close to the Runebear who ambushes you.
  • Lands Between Wilderness Several statues are scattered around Elden Ring’s open plains.

Here’s how to break them open.

These can’t be broken by hitting them but are looking for a weapon can use to break stone.

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How to Break the Glowing Statues of Elden Ring

Elden Ring puzzles fall under one of the following categories: Mind-bendingly complicated or life-threateningly deadly. These statues have a bit of each.

This is because they are impossible to break, so you need to get a large enemy type to do it for you.

It is not always easy to see. You may not always be able to see the problem.

For example, take the Stormveil Castle statue. The Omen enemy can be a large guy. It would be hard to believe that he could crush this statue like an insect.

You would be wrong. He isn’t strong enough. His buddy is definitely stronger than he is.

Head up the steps and kill the birds to get this statue. Just around the spot where Nepheli Loux first met, you will find a huge Troll. He is right in front of the Godrick fog gate.

Get his attention by removing his entourage.

You need to now run back to the statue and make sure he is on your tail. Get him to run towards the statue, and force him to break it. Kill him and then take the contents.

This is the method that you will need to use for each statue. If you do find one, remember that there is a giant enemy nearby.

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What is inside Elden Ring Glowing Statues

Once the statues are cracked open, you can get your loot. Each statue contains Smithing Stones that can be used to upgrade your weaponry!

Smithing Stone [6] is confirmed to be in the Sealed Tunnel statue. This is one of the rarer varieties. It’s also used for upgrading The Bloodhound’s Fang, which is one of the most powerful Dexterity weapons in .

That’s yet another Elden Ring mystery solved. Are there any glowing statues that you haven’t seen? We’d love to hear from you in the comments

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