Elden Ring: How Dual-Wielding & Power Stance Works

How Dual-Wielding & Power Stance Works

Although Elden Ring far is superior to the rest of collection of Soulsborne games in certain areas, it does rely on its fair portion of tried-and-true game mechanics. After the flimsy combat in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice fans were interested to know about the direction Elden Ring would adopt in its combat styles. Fortunately, many of Dark Souls staples were back in full force.

One of the aspects that is a part of Elden Ring that gives players plenty of choices in the way they build their characters is dual-wielding once more is an option. Although it appears easy, it’s not the case that everything can be said to be true in FromSoft games. Below is a short guide to the basics of dual-wielding, power and shift stances.

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How to Dual-Wield in Elden Ring

To double-wield, all a player has to do is carry the two guns, one for each hand. By pressing RB or RT will make heavy and light attacks with the right-handed weapon while striking LB or LT will accomplish exactly the same thing on the left. Dual-wielding has the potential to boost a player’s damage output , as it allows them to strike more quickly by alternating weapons’ swings. 

One of the major drawbacks, however is that it prevents players from blocking any way and also from using shields when parrying. It’s a huge tradeoff however, if you allows you to play only through avoiding attacks or taking the damage then dual-wielding could be a highly effective type of build that will help make it through the final stages in the course of play.

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Elden Ring Power Stance Explained

The power stance is an integral part in Souls fight, and has been introduced into Dark Souls 2. It basically combines the attack of both the left and right hand by tying them to a single button and allowing the player strike for more than twice the damage. It’s similar to dual-wielding but is more efficient and more dangerous. In order to use the power stance it is necessary to have both hands with a weapon that are both of the same type (your inventory automatically categorizes things into types of weapon.) 

If you have two identical weapons, press LB to take the power stance and use both weapons at the simultaneously. You can now attack using RB and the RT (light or heavy strike) using just your left-hand weapon or LB to make use of both to do maximum damage. The drawbacks are similar when you are dual-wielding: not having shields or parrying but the left trigger could be used for Arts of War for the weapon that is with the right hand.

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