Elden Ring: Highroad Cave Location And Walkthrough

Elden Ring: Highroad Cave Location And Walkthrough

While The Highroad Cave appears to be superficial, however, the Elden Ring cave is actually deeper than it appears.

Highroad Cave is located within Stormhill within the northwestern part of Limgrave in the Elden Ring. According to the description for the game, Highroad Cave is occupied by Wolves, Giant Bats, and Land Octopi. In addition, there’s an undiscovered tomb inside the cave. It will later turn out as the room of the boss’s Bedroom.

It is believed that the Highroad Cave is one of the first game areas where Elden Ring players can collect various upgrade materials. However, those who are tarnished must be cautious because the cave is bigger than it appears.

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How to Get to the Highroad Cave in Elden Ring

It is believed that the Highroad Cave can be found in the northern part of Limgrave close to The Saintbridge Site of Lost Grace in the Elden Ring. After returning to the Saintbridge bonfire, however, it doesn’t appear to be any path to the cave as the bridge itself is high and surrounded by high cliffs.

The only way to get down without injury is to leap on the Spirit Spring on the right side of the bridge close to where it is. Saintbridge Site of Lost Grace.

After jumping into the river with Torrent, you can run north past The Land Octopi and enter through the entrance of the Highroad Cave to the right (west) end of the wall. Then, light your way to the Site of Lost Grace, and make sure you bring an extra torch with small light or utilize the Elden Ring Spell to illuminate the pathway to the Highroad Cave since it is dark.

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Highroad Cave Walkthrough In Elden Ring

To begin, head toward the north from the entrance before stepping carefully into the hole on the ground, using small platforms to limit the harm.

Continue down the Path until you come to a vast room populated with Wolves which are ready to be snatched from every direction. After defeating the wolves leap down through a second opening in the ground and explore the Highroad Cave.

From here, you can choose between two options. Follow the one that leads down, as the other one is a dead ending. In the end, a second chamber filled with Wolves will be revealed. Take them down and head northwards to a vast area that the waterfall is flowing through.

In the next stage, players will want to move left before jumping onto the lower platform. Continue walking to the northeast, and then jump onto at the very top.

This is the difficult part since Tarnished must perform a massive leap and reach the platform before the broken pillar below continues. From the damaged column, proceed forward towards the circular platform. There, grab an Elden Ring weapon, Shamshir.

The final step is to make a turn to the southwest and then hop over to another broken pillar. Continue to follow the waterfall until the players locate the boss.

Beat the boss to finish The Highroad Cave and obtain the Elden RingTalisman, Blue Dancer Charm.

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