Elden Ring Guides: Can you save Irina from dying?

Elden Ring Guides: Can you save Irina from dying?

At the beginning of the game, you may encounter the NPC Irina in The Weeping Peninsula. She eventually dies. Can we prevent the demise of Irina?

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Elden Ring Irina Quest Guide

Due to the open-world nature that is Elden Ring, it’s possible for players who have played for a long time to not have met Irina. But the players will be satisfied when they find Irina and complete their quest. It is here that you can locate Irina and continue her quest:

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  1. Irina can be seen just beyond her bridge of sacrifice in the Weeping Peninsula. She is seated on an unlit rock next to an unlit lamp post.
  2. Talk with Irina and end her conversations. This will result in Irina offering the player Irina’s letter.
  3. Take a trip farther south. However, keep looking to see The Archer Golem that shoots Great Arrows from far away.
  4. Besiege your opponent, the Archer Golem, or simply stroll past it and gain access to Castle Morne at the very bottom of the map.
  5. Inactivate to activate the Site of Grace, then take the elevator.
  6. Keep to the left of the track, past the hounds, and then past the Pumpkin Head over the lawn. The Claymore is a formidable Greatsword for the early game on the right side, but you’ll have to fight an army of Misbegotten.
  7. Take the ramparts up with a ladder, passing by and past the Pumpkin Head. On the ramparts, you’ll be faced with a horde of Misbegottens, which is about four. Make use of a shield from melee attackers by using your shield to shield archers from flying ones. Be aware of flying Misbegotten because they could attack you from afar and bring you to the ground by grabbing you.
  8. Beyond the four Misbegotten, There’s an access ladder to your left, towards the bottom of the wall.
  9. Fighting through another set of Misbegotten that are in a battle with a few soldiers.
  10. After that, you can climb another set of steps, and you will find Edgar, Irina’s father, sitting on an unoccupied bench.
  11. Write Edgar a letter when you’re asked.
  12. Locate The Leonine misbegotten and defeat it at Castle Morne. The Boss will drop an item called the Grafted Blade Greatsword.
  13. Go back to where you first located Irina. There will be a dead Irina, and Edgar is mourning her. Speak to Edgar to advance the story.
  14. Find Edgar’s Invader at Revenger’s Shack in Liurnia. Defeating the Invader will earn you the Halberd of the Banished Knight.

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Can You Stop Irina’s Demise?

Unfortunately, the death of Irina is an integral part of the adventure. Like many of the quests by Elden Ring (and, as a result, nearly every quest line found in Soulsborne games), This story does not come to a satisfying conclusion. Irina is murdered by Leonine Misbegotten when you hand Edgar the letter. Revenge by taking down Leonine Misbegotten isn’t enough to please Edgar. The quest to get revenge on his daughter will result in his insanity, aiming at the Tarnished because of his desperate belief that they are the ones responsible for the death of Irina.

However, if you alter the order of the steps you follow in the above quest guide, it is impossible to save Irina other than staying clear of her quest line and not murdering one of the Leonine Misbegotten. It is good to know that her part in the grand scheme of things is not that significant and her death rather insignificant. In the event that you fail to complete this quest line, it can result in you not being able to capitalize on potent weapons.

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