Elden Ring Flask Guide: How to Upgrade Flasks and What They Do

Elden Ring Flask Guide

Upgrade your Flasks is a the top priority prior to entering any major fights.

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While exploring the Elden Ring, the most important thing that separates the heroes from the defeated is usually one or two sips from the magical healing flask. However important these flasks are, they aren’t always clear on how to use them effectively could leave you with a disadvantage. So, we’ve put together everything you must learn about flasks found in Elden Ring to ensure that you are able to go into the battle with a complete plan.

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Elden Ring Flask of Crimson Tears and Flask of Cerulean Tears explained

The Flask of Crimson Tears and the Flask of Cerulean Tears as soon as you enter the tutorial dungeon Stranded Graveyard, and they have an inbuilt feature that which you can utilize to improve your game. This Flask of Crimson Tears restores the health of a certain amount after use, and it is similar to the Flask of Cerulean Tears does exactly the same thing for focus points (FP).

The game begins with three costs for the Crimson Tears and one for the Cerulean Tears. In every Site of Grace, you can switch the number of charges each one has, and you can do this prior to most important encounters. Melee-focused build, for instance will benefit from greater Crimson Tears charges and perhaps just one cost for the Cerulean Tears, or even the absence of any. This is especially true prior to boss battles, where you’ll probably need to alter your strategies more than you would normally.

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Elden Ring flask upgrade methods

You can boost the number of charges you pay for your Flasks and also the amount of energy or FP they can restore, however both upgrades require specific difficult-to-find items.

How do I increase the flask charges for the Elden Ring

There’s a need for Golden Tears to increase the amount of Flask charges available. They grow on small golden trees scattered across The Lands Between, and the first one will be found close to the northern end from Stormgate Canyon. Stormgate canyon. At first, you only need the one golden seed to improve your Flasks but, at the higher level, you’ll have to have several Golden Seeds for every upgrade.

You are only able to utilize Golden Seeds at a Site of Grace. If you are not there, go to one of the Flasks selection, and then increase the amount of charges. It doesn’t matter what Flask you’re using because you can change the number of charges you have in the meantime.

How can I bring back HP and FP Elden Ring

You can also change the amount of HP or FP you can restore to your Flasks through Sacred Tears. They’re even more rare and are usually found these in churches scattered across the land. There are exceptions to this rule–the Church of Elleh doesn’t, for instance–but the majority of churches with statues of Marika are blessed with an sacred Tear on the bottom on the sculpture.

You’ll be spending Sacred Tears at Sites of Grace also when you use one, and it increases the amount that each of the Flasks can be restored.

What is the Flask of Wondrous Physik?

The Flask of the Wonderful Physik is a different Flask that comes with it’s own collection of Tears that you need to travel a short distance to locate it. It’s well worth the effort however, as this Flask enhances your stats and may keep the loss of Runes in the event of your death.

It is the Flask of Wondrous Physik is located in the Third Church of Marika, north of Waypoint Ruins and the forest with the huge bears. It requires Crystal Tears to mix in the Flask to create a particular effect. They are located nearby Minor Erdtrees, the non-glowing ones that are marked as trees with large sizes on your map. You can also find others that appear to be random like the basin in Stormhill.

If you’re now aware of how to improve your skills, you can discover additional Golden Seeds as well as Sacred Tears. Restoration and buffs only get you so far, however. Make sure you locate some great weapons immediately you are able as well as improve them whenever possible.

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