Elden Ring Flash-Step Location & Night Cavalry Boss

Elden Ring Flash-Step Location & Night Cavalry Boss

Elden Ring is a game with many hidden magic abilities that allow you to do all kinds of things. The Ashes of War is one of these. It literally allows you to shoot fire from your eyes, conjure up all kinds of magical effects, and that’s just the frosting. One ability is a true hidden gem. The Flash Step Ability is it. The flash step allows users to run fast and dodge any incoming attacks. You may have been interested in the Flash Step’s location and benefits in Elden Ring.

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Flash Step Location in Elden Ring

Map Showing the Location of the Night’s Cavalry Boss

You will need to go towards the Northeast on Caelid’s map in order to find the Flash Step. This area of the Eldenring’s map will be difficult to navigate, especially if this ability is sought early in the game. Despite the high-level bosses and enemies, it’s well worth it considering the difficulty to reward.

Continue on towards Lenne’s Rise (also known as the Site of Grace), which is located east of the bridge that leads to the Bestial Sanctum. It is easy to reach Lenne’s Rise by walking from the bridge, as it is close to the Bestial Sanctum. This is true if you approach from Limgrave.

You’ll find a send gate in Limgrave that will take you to Lenne’s Rise, which is located close to the Great Bridge. This will mean that you don’t have to fight high-ranking enemies in order to reach the location.
Teleport to the Bestial Sanctum and then go south. Cross the bridge. Continue to the east and you will find the Lenne’s Rise Site for Grace. If it is morning, you can rest up and change the time to nighttime. The Night’s Cavalry boss will then spawn on one the smaller bridges located north. That’s it for the Flash Step in Elden Ring.

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Defeat The Night’s Cavalry Boss

The Night’s Cavalry Boss on his Steed

Next, we need to deal with Night’s Cavalry boss who possesses it. The Night’s Cavalry boss is no joke. He’s an extremely difficult boss to work with. He is quite strong considering the huge amounts of HP that he has, and his strength is exponentially greater than Godrick. If you are just starting out, it will be difficult to fight him. Make sure to acquire the necessary weapons : experience and armor. Although you’ll be having a hard time going head-on with him, this is Elden Ring so there’s an easier way.

You can use Lenne’s Rise Site Of Grace to access the crafting menu to conjure up Poison Pots and Poison Bone Darts. However, you must ensure that you have all the ingredients and the recipe. These items won’t be required, but will speed up your quest to defeat the boss.

You can also make neutralizing bolts if you have the ingredients and the right recipe. You should have your best and most powerful talismans as well as armors, particularly ones that can boost immunity. You can boost your immunity by using Cured Immunizing Meat.

You’re now ready to take on The Night’s Cavalry boss in battle. You can then damage the enemy using the items that you have crafted and head north. This path is full of small fry enemies and poison traps that can jump-scare you. These traps and enemies can be easily avoided. This is where things get exciting. You want to deliberately set off traps. The Night’s Cavalry boss might have your attention, and might be chasing you down. This is a good thing. 

The Night’s Cavalry boss will be poisoned and his health will continue to decline as he pursues you down and kills you. Be aware of the Cavalry Boss’s attacks, and ensure you have sufficient immunity to prevent you from being poisoned as you climb the hill. From here, it’s easy sailing. The Flash Step is located in Elden Ring. You have the Night’s Cavalry boss right there. It’s only a matter time until he goes down.

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You have now reached the top of this hill. The Night’s Cavalry Boss may respawn at the bridge, or turn around to leave. However, the best part is that the Night’s Cavalry boss will still be poisoned. Continue down the hill and activate it again with another poison pot. Continue the cat-and-mouse chase.

At the mercy of his code, the Night’s Cavalry boss will continue to tank up poison until he dies from the health-draining effects. That’s it. You’ve defeated Night’s Cavalry’s boss. The Boss will give you a good 40,000 Runes to help with your back-and-forth chase. The Bloodhound Step is what we all have been waiting for!

You don’t necessarily have to wait for the Night’s Cavalry boss’s health to go down. People have recalled that the Night’s Cavalry Boss died randomly after they had poisoned only half of his health. Some accounts also mention that the Night’s Cavalry Boss died after it was respawned with poison effects. 

This is a useful glitch. Or maybe it’s just a critical passive effect that the developers coded into the game. The poison will cause the Night’s Cavalry boss to die if he doesn’t die randomly.

This is Elden Ring. You can climb up on a tree to use ranged weapons spells and attacks to reduce his health.

You can accomplish amazing things here if you have a Kite Shield. You can launch him off the bridge by equipping the best Shields from Elden Ring. He will then die instantly of fall damage. This worked well for many players, who were concerned about him one-shooting them.

If you’re not afraid to play dirty with a boss, there are other methods.

Why is Flash Step overpowered in Elden Ring

The Flash Step/Bloodhound Step Icon

Flash Step is a skill that’s designed for those who are skilled at building quickly and focus on causing damage per second, rather than charging attacks or launching one attack at once. This skill allows players to damage, sidestep, and continue to do damage. It is a very useful habit. Flash Step is an ability that you can never un-equip once you master it. It’s one those moves we keep in our arsenal for agility-based builds. Flash Step is also a valuable asset to avoid enemy attacks and save vital health. To sneak behind unsuspecting enemies and engage in backstabs to cause lots of damage.

The Flash Step also grants a keen affinity to any melee weapon that is equipped, which increases speed and agility in dealing with small weapons that deal short-range and fast damage to your enemies. It costs only 5 FP points and allows you to use the ability multiple times against bosses and enemies. You won’t need a Cerulean Flask to save FP or health and deal damage while evading enemy attacks.

According to in-game legend, the Flash Step allows players to disappear for a split second and allow them to run around and circle around enemy while still being held onto them. When it’s done correctly, the Flash Step can be very useful. It allows users to avoid enemy damage and gives them a positional advantage. Users can travel farther and faster than with a standard quickstep using the Flash Step. You can circle around locked enemy targets with the Flash Step.

That’s all for Flash Step’s Location within Elden Ring. Once you defeat the Night’s Cavalry Boss, your Flash Step Ability will be yours. You can make the most of it by improving your skills and becoming an Agile Dash Player. In your Flash Step Elden Ring Build, you can equip a Samurai blade to feel like Genji from Overwatch and Yasuo of League of Legends.

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