Elden Ring: Every Deathbird Location

Every Deathbird Location

You will find a variety of new features. Elden Ring Introduces the Soulsborne formula. One of the most interesting is the idea of field bosses. These are not foes that are held captive in a boss arena. They are fought out in open space. These fights can be ridden by your horse!

Both the Deathbird and the Death Rite Bird are examples of area bosses that can be found in the Lands Between. These are large bird enemies that look like doll heads, but they can only be defeated at night. Deathbirds are tough opponents, so be prepared to fight them. The rewards will be well worth it.

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Every Deathbird Location

8 Limgrave

The nearest Deathbird to Elden Ring’s starting area is the one located east of Warmaster’s Site of Grace, Limgrave. This Deathbird gives you a glimpse of what to expect when dealing with these enemies. You would be wise to keep your mount on these large, creepy birds, which are much faster than it should be. This leaves you vulnerable.

You lose your ability of rolling when riding horses in Elden Ring. This makes it more difficult to dodge attacks. The Deathbird’s speed and aggression make it difficult to dodge attacks. This Deathbird can be killed to give you the Blue-Feathered Branchsword Talisman. It is far from Elden Rings’ best talisman.

7 Weeping Peninsula

This Deathbird can be found southwest of Castle Morne Rampart site of Grace. It is the one with the merchant right next to it. This bird will spawn right next to a large ruin. The fighting is the same as the first Deathbird. You can fight on horseback using hit-and run or ranged attacks or you can get close to the bird and try to stay between its legs.

While both ways of fighting can be difficult, it is important to remember that Deathbirds are very vulnerable to Holy damage. Because they are Holy, this makes sense. You’re sure to have a tough time if this field boss isn’t prepared. Crafting buff items can help if you are struggling. This Deathbird drops a Sacrificial Axe.

6 Liurnia Of The Lakes

Liurnia of the Lakes, one of the first areas of Elden Ring where certain enemies start to become more difficult is Liurnia of the Lakes. You should be cautious when fighting the Deathbird. Any enemies in this area could gatecrash your fight, making it exponentially harder.

One attack that you should be aware of when fighting Deathbirds involves the Deathbird leaping into the air and then returning to land on your body. It can be difficult to spot and it may take some time to find the right attack. This Deathbird drops Red-Feathered Branchsword. It can be found north of Scenic Isle Sites of Grace. It is also close to the location where you will find patches as part of his quest.

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5 Capital Outskirts

Anyone who can’t handle multiple enemies at once will find it difficult to fight this Deathbird. There are many snail enemies that will roll at you. They look a lot like the old Souls wheel skeletons.

Although they aren’t particularly tough, ignoring them could spell doom for your fight. Every enemy in Elden Ring can be dangerous, especially if there are many. The Deathbird can be found just east of the Hermit Merchant’s Shack. You can defeat this Deathbird if you are able to overcome the odds. The Twinbird Kite Shield will reward you with the buff of both Branchsword and talismans.

4 Caelid

The Death Rite Bird is the harder Deathbird variant. These birds look very similar to their counterparts. They have the same birdlike movements as their counterparts and a doll’s head. However, they attack with greater ferocity and include area of effect attacks. You’ll probably survive more than one Death Rite Bird hit, when you add all of this to the fact that they hit like trucks.

They are not impossible to beat, but this opponent is far more formidable than the previous ones. The Death Rite Bird deserves the huge amount of Runes they drop and the powerful weapons that they give away. This Death Rite Bird is located just east of the Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank site of Grace. It rewards you with Death’s Poker.

3 Liurnia of the Lakes

It is a good idea to avoid their attacks by following the same steps as regular Deathbirds, however the AoE fire ability makes it difficult to fight on horseback. It may be worthwhile to fight Death Rite Birds by foot. You may be attacked from far away by them, but you will still be able dodge them or block their flight.

The Death Rite Birds will attack with a similar attack to the Deathbirds’ flight attack. However, it will launch spears that cause serious damage all around the area. This Death Rite Bird can be found south of the Gate Town North Site for Grace and drops the Ancient Death Rancor Sorcery.

2 Central Mountaintops Of The Giants

To defeat any enemy in Elden Ring, it is a good idea to exploit their weaknesses and use certain status effects. Deathbirds and Death Rite Birds are particularly vulnerable to Holy damage. This makes certain weapon buffs and weapons especially useful for these field bosses.

It may be worth investing in crafting to make Holy Pots, which will destroy your enemy with just a few throws. These Holy Pots make the difficult encounter much easier than it used to be. The nearest Site of Grace to this Death Rite Bird’s is the Snow Valley Ruins Overlook, which can be found to the east. It drops the Death Ritual Spear if it is defeated.

1 Western Mountaintops Of The Giants

This Death Rite Bird, like the other fights, is extremely dangerous. However, this one is the most dangerous. Its location at the end of the game and the increased damage it causes, as well as its rapid attack speed, is what makes this dangerous.

Scarlet Rot is the only status effect these enemies can’t resist and will gradually reduce its health. Simply dodge the Death Rite Birds’ attacks and wait until it keels over. If the boss is still ticking, you can find a spot just above it. It is the final Death Rite Bird of Elden Ring. It can be found southeast of the Apostate Derelict Sites of Grace. It releases the Explosive Ghostflame Sorcery.

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