Elden Ring Dodge Roll Button Input Lag: How to Fix

Elden Ring Dodge Roll Button Input Lag

In this article, we’ll show you several ways to correct the input lag that occurs when you press the”dodging roll” button on Elden Ring. Although it’s only a couple of weeks since the game was released, it’s already caught the general public’s interest. An interactive free-form open world for exploration has some intriguing aspects. They include fighting, looting, riding on horses, and even interacting with NPCs (well, you could be a fake, play the NPC, and fool the intruder! ).

However, despite its many benefits, it’s not free of its fair share of problems. As of the writing time, several Elden Ring players have reported that they’re experiencing an incredibly long delay or lag in inputs when they hit the button to dodge as well as when the action actually occurs. If you’re also annoyed by this issue, this guide will help you become aware of the various ways to resolve the issue one-for-all. Follow the steps.

How to Fix Elden Ring Dodge Roll Button Input Lag

Be aware that there’s not a solution that is universal in nature. You’ll have to test out the various alternatives and decide which is most effective for you. With this to be in your mind, let’s start.

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FIX 1: Change the Dodge Key in Elden Ring

A possible explanation for why this issue keeps popping up is that sprint and dodge actions are tied on the exact same button. Although dodge is programmed to be activated upon the press of the button, at times, it may not be able to respond due to the conflict it has in the race action. It is therefore recommended to free the dual task associated with the button and let the Dodge action be controlled by a different key. Here’s how it can be accomplished:

  1. Then, launch the Elden Ring and then go into The Key Binding section.
  2. You can now assign a key to “Backstep,” Dodge Roll, Dash’, and save the modifications.
  3. Verify that it is able to fix the input lag that occurs when using the Dodge Roll button on Elden Ring.

FIX 2: Disable Vertical Sync for Elden Ring

Vertical Synchronization (also known as VSync) assists in stabilizing and enhancing stability by synchronizing the frames of the game to the rate at which your computer’s display. However, activating this feature can cause a significant amount of delays in inputs or latency to certain games. So, it is worth turning off the feature on your computer equipped with Nvidia GPU. Nvidia GPU. Here’s how it can be accomplished:

  1. Start the Nvidia Control Panel from the Start Menu.
  2. Then, expand 3-D Settings from the menu bar on the left and then select Manage 3-D Settings.
  3. Once you have that, open the Global tab from the right side and scroll down until you reach Vertical Sync.
  4. Select off from the menu dropdown.
  5. Verify that it is able to fix the input lag after you press the button to dodge on Elden Ring.

FIX 3: Enable Borderless Window Mode in Elden Ring

It is clear from the title that Borderless Window Mode presents the image rendered in the form of a larger window, however, without boundaries. This means that the image will fill the entire screen and provide the most full-bodied gaming experience.

In addition, it’s also acknowledged to be the result of decreasing the controller’s input lag. Switch the Elden Ring from the full-screen mode to the borderless mode, and test the results. Here’s how:

  1. Run Elden Ring and go to the Graphics section.
  2. Choose Screen Mode and choose Borderless Window from the menu.
  3. Verify that it is able to fix the input lag that occurs when you press the button to dodge on Elden Ring.

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FIX 4: Enable GSync for Elden Ring

By synchronizing the display’s speed to that of the graphics card, GSync gives you the best gaming experience. This is why it is suggested that you enable the feature on your computer (if your display is compatible with Gsync or Freesync).

  1. Start Nvidia Control Panel from the Start Menu.
  2. Expand Display from the menu bar to the left and select Set up G-Sync.
  3. Then, check the box to enable G-Sync. Then restart your computer.
  4. Examine if the fix is the input lag after you press the button to dodge within Elden Ring.

The four options were solutions to reduce the input lag that occurs when hitting the dodge-roll button on Elden Ring. For the moment, as far as the official position regarding this issue is, the developers are not yet acknowledging this problem or even sending the ETA for the implementation of a solution. We’ll modify this guide when either of these events occurs as needed. However, for now, these solutions are the best choice.

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