Elden Ring: All Memory Stone Locations

Elden Ring: All Memory Stone Locations

Memory Stones found in Elden Ring are basically upgrades for wizards and Faith builders alike. When you locate an Memory Stone, you automatically receive a second slot to equip additional spells as well as incantations. The game starts with only allowed to use the maximum of two magic spells. There are as many as 8 Memory Stones you can find in the game, and that’s not even including the talismans that provide even greater memory slot.

Memory Stones do not require you to be used manually. They will automatically upgrade your pouch. Additional spells can be crafted by being at the Site of Grace and pressing the option “Memorize Spells.” Below is a short guide to retrieve each Memory Stone with ease. Five are located in towers specially constructed around The Lands Between, bosses drop two and third one can be bought.

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Elden Ring: All Memory Stone Locations

7 Oridy’s Rise – Weeping Peninsula Limgrave

In front of the stairs, to your left

  1. Left side of the stairs in the bushes
  2. The center of the Pond

It is the first Memory Stone tower in the game. It is located in Limgrave the area that you start in. It is necessary to go to the Weeping peninsula which is a separate section of Limgrave that is located South. Nearest Site of Grace to the bridge that connects you to the Weeping Peninsula from Limgrave is Agheel Lake South. Nearest Site of Grace to Oridy’s Rise is Beside the Crater-Pocked Glade.

There’s a pack of wolves near the entrance to Oridy’s Rise. After you have taken charge of them, talk to the imp who is holding a book near the steps. The statue will inform you that the need to “Seek three wise beasts.” Three wise beasts are that turtles are spectral. In front of you, just across from the stairs leading to the tower, will be the first turtle to be clear as day. The two next ones are more difficult to locate.

The second turtle is right towards the left side of the steps, within the shrubs. 3. The ghost turtle actually is invisibly. There is a tiny pond that lies to the left part of Oridy’s Rising. The third creature is directly in the middle of the pond. So you have to take on the air. This will allow you to open the seal on the tower.

6 Converted Tower – Liurnia of The Lakes

Ascend up the right rubble

  1. Jump up onto roof

The next tower that is accessible is located in Liurnia Of The Lakes. It’s in South-West Liurnia. Its closest Site of Grace can be found at Folly On The Lake. From the first it appears that the tower isn’t accessible as the other. There aren’t three beasts, nor is there an apparent way to get to the highest point. It is necessary to climb to the top starting from the rubble and then to the right. Then, climb up and leap onto the roof, and then climb the stairs, which were previously unaccessible.

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5 Lenne’s Rise – Caelid

Utilize spirit jumps to reach the roof

  1. Then, drop down into the balcony

Caelid isn’t an easy area to navigate through. If you’ve already traveled towards Beast Sanctum or Dragonsborrow to farm runes it’s easy to access Lenne’s Rise. It’s obvious that the typical imp statue on the stairs is damaged.

One way to gain access into Lenne’s Rise is making the spirit jump in the direction to the right on the top of the building. This will allow you to gain access to a balcony. Once in the air, drop to the right, lower part of the roof. Then, get off Torrent and drop gently off the edge of the roof, where there is a spirit leap. You’ll be able to enter the balcony. From here, you can walk up the steps to find the stone of memory.

4 Tetsu’s Rise – Liurnia Of The Lakes

South beneath the cliffs

  1. In a tree that is behind the tower
  2. To the West

It is the more difficult memories stone tower. You will need to locate spectral turtles within the tower to gain access to the magic seal. The first wise creature is located by going straight South. Take a leap onto the rocks and then look down. There’s probably a bunch of chat messages left by other gamers at the rocks’ edge when you’re playing online. Below the rock are the turtle. It is either a ranged attack or find a way to get down.

Beginning from the imp statue and sealing door The next turtle can be located right behind the tower, within the shape of a tree. It is clear which tree requires to be struck in the photos above. The third beast is directly west of the the tree.

3 Seluvis’s Rise – Liurnia Of The Lakes

The memory stone that is located in Seluvis’s Rise requires no effort to locate. It is all you have to do is climb up the ladder in front of Seluvis, and then locate the treasure chest on the top. Seluvis’s Rise is located in the back of Caria Manor and can only be found after having completed the cave and beating Royal Knight Loretta.

Seluvis Rise will be closed off until you talk to Ranni and begin Ranni’s side quest. Ranni is located in the next tower, called Ranni’s Rise.

You’ll have completed each memory stone tower within Elden Ring.

2 Bosses That Drop Memory Stones

  1. Red Wolf of Radagon in the Debate Parlor in Raya Lucaria Academy
  2. Demi-Human Queen Maggie in Hermit Village on Mt. Gelmir

Apart from the towers that are magical and the towers of awe, you can also find two additional Memory Stones by defeating some bosses. One boss who drops the Memory Stone is the Red Wolf of Radagon which is located inside the Raya Lucaria Academy. The second boss to drop an Memory Stone is the Demi-Human Queen Maggie found within Mt Gelmir at the end of Hermit Village.

The process to enter Raya Lucaria Academy is pretty easy once you have your Glintstone key. The process of getting to Hermit Village is a trickier one. When you’ve reached Mt Gelmir, you’ll have take a journey to reach Hermit Village. This is done by traveling North from the Erdtree-Gazing Hill site of Grace in the Atlus Plateau. Follow the route that passes by and past the Tibia Mariner and into the mountains. It is recommended to follow the volcanic trail until you reach Forts in the vicinity that of The Site of Grace Seethewater Terminus. Turn left, pass the fort, and continue ahead. There’s Hermit Village at the end of your travels.

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1 Twin Maiden Husks

The last memory slot upgrade is available through your local Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundhold Table. It’s the creepy two-headed lady you can purchase a range of trinkets from the left hand side of the structure. She’s Memory Stone. Memory Stone sells for 3000 runes and is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.

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