Elden Ring – All Imbued Sword Key Locations

Elden Ring - All Imbued Sword Key Locations

Imbued Sword Keys give accessibility to the Teleporters in the Four Belfries in Liurnia. Find them here. all.

After you’ve found The Four Belfries in Liurnia of the Lakes You’ll require three imbued Sword Keys in order to gain access to the Teleporters. These Teleporters can take you to places that are not accessible around the globe Each one of them has a special item (or many exclusive items) to aid you on your way across Elden Ring.

Imbued Sword Keys operate the same as Stonesword Keys, they are just for only used for one purpose. This guide will provide information on the locations of all 3 Imbued Keys along with the things you should expect to encounter when traversing through each of the teleporters in Four Belfries. Four Belfries location.

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How To Reach The Four Belfries

The Four Belfries are located along the western border of Liurnia of the Lakes, close to the northwest from Raya Lucaria Academy. To get to the Four Belfries begin to travel towards the northwest to the village in the Albinaurics passing by the Converted Tower and to the to the east from the minor Erdtree and over the Revenger’s Shack

Follow this road until you get to the Foot of the Four Belfries the site of grace. From here, you can take the right turn and go upwards, keeping clear of jellyfish and massive spirits along the slopes. It will eventually bring you to the security at The Four Belfries. Continue to climb the mountain until you get to the top belfry. You can then relax in this Four Belfries site of grace on the summit of the mountain.

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First Imbued Sword Key

First Imbued Sword Key can actually be found in four Belfries. While the first three Belfries have inactive Teleporters The fourth belfry located at the top of the hill has an open chest. The chest can be opened to gain one of the three Imbued Sword Keys.

Second Imbued Sword Key

Second Imbued Sword Key can be located within Raya Lucaria Academy, though it’s off the beaten track.

  • The Debate Parlor where grace is celebrated after beating Red Wolf of Radagon, the Red Wolf of Radagon boss take a walk through the courtyard.
  • To the left of the entrance you’ll see an unfinished staircase, with adversaries digging through the rubble.
  • Take the stairs up to the next landing. Then proceed up the stairs to the next landing.
  • Take care of the two wizards on that landing, and then return to the landing.
  • You’ll need to jump over the railing on the other side, and then down to the steps below.
  • There’s another sorcerer to be found on these stairs, as well as another who is on guard at the top of the stairs.
  • If you wander too far, climb the stairs and open the door beneath–this will give you faster access to this path in the event of an unfortunate death.
  • The way is a bit easy, but it’s likely to involve some climbing.
  • Follow the railing to where it comes to an end.
  • You’ll be able to grab the Gold Rune [33 from a dead body hanging above the railing.
  • From here, you can leap over the railing to the rooftops below, and continue to the south along the rooftops.
  • The two Marionette Soldiers in front. After you have defeated the second then look to the west; there should be an ladder rising.
  • There’s a corpse that has the golden Rune [4The body is located just around the corner.
  • If not, start climbing.

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On the highest point of the ladder, you’ll arrive at one end of a bridge dotted with cages and statues. Near the end there’s an vigilant sorcerer. There are two Avionette Soldiers are close by So be ready for a quick and chaotic fight.

On the other side of the bridge go towards the ledge. You’ll see Meteor Bolts directly behind the tower. From the northwestern end on the top, descend to the roof below.

Then, fall down to a set of rooftops, until you can see the path of a rooftop that runs to the west , beneath an archway. On this path on the rooftop you’ll see two Marionette Soldiers – one beneath you, to your right and another scurrying on the path. You must defeat them.

From the north side which is where the Marionette Soldier waited, peer down towards the right side to see the path you can take. There should be an object in front of you. You can drop down, walk along the path, and collect an item called the Impued Sword Key.

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Third Imbued Sword Key

A third Imbued Sword Key can be found in Caelid. Particularly within Sellia, Town of Sorcery situated along the eastern border of the Swamp of Aeonia. The town is sealed off by an enchantment that can stop you from getting this Imbued Sword Key hidden within. To defy the enchantment you’ll have to ignite three candles on three towers situated around the town. After you have uncovered the magic seals in town and the Imbued Sword Key can be located on the eastern edge of the town. For a deeper explanation of how to open the seals around town, and to know what treasures Sellia includes, take a look at the Sellia town of Sorcery guide..

Return to the Four Belfries

Once you’ve gathered the three imbued Sword Keys, it’s time to go back the teleporters to The Four Belfries and venture through the various teleporters scattered across the town. Every location you teleport will provide you with at least one item unique and also an essential quest item, therefore you should be sure to go through each one thoroughly.

Belfry Tower One: Crumbling Farum Azula

The first belfry that you enter from the lowest point on the hill take you to a portion that is Crumbling Farum Azula, an area you’ll not be able to explore until later on within the game. Belfry Tower One only contains only one Talisman to collect, but you’ll have to fight two Azula Beastmen before you can get it. Take a tumble down the cracked landings until you reach the bigger piece that is occupied by two Azula Beastmen. The two beasts will put up quite a battle. The thrower, who is hung between the columns is slightly weaker, so you should target him first.

If you’d prefer not to go through the fight, head to the north end of the platform and leap to the platform below. On the bottom platform, there is an item called the Pearldrake Talisman. It is possible to locate an even more robust version later on in the game.

Belfry Tower Two: Precipice of Anticipation

The second tower of the belfry is further along the road, as indicated with it’s “Precipice of Anticipation” message located on the ground, just before the Teleporter. The teleporter takes one back to where you started in the Chapel of Anticipation and may look a bit familiar. This is because it’s the place where the game started. If you failed to beat The Grafted Scion initially, you’re going to be fighting a boss. If you defeat this boss, it can earn you your ornamental straight Sword as well as the Golden Beast Crest Shield.

After defeating the boss, go further to the top of the hill. Instead of going into the building that you first encountered in the initial stages in the adventure, go to the right-hand end of the property and climb the steps. On the landing, you’ll be able to find the Stormhawk King, a crucial item needed to continue Nepheli Loux’s Questline. From here, go through the doorway that is adjacent to the structure. On the other side of the railing is the chest. Find the chest and take it to get it the Stormhawk Deenh Spirit Ash, a potent Spirit Ash worth trying to see if you haven’t found one that you like.

Belfry Tower Three: Nokron, Eternal City

The third tower in the belfry is located a bit higher up the road. This is the last tower that you’ve never used and has the message “Night Sky Unceasing.” You can activate this teleporter using the last Impued Sword Key, and take the teleporter into a section within Nokron, Eternal City. You may have seen this region before in it’s Siofra River Well in Mistwood However, if it’s not the case, you’re sure to be looking forward to a stunning experience. Take a walk down the steep slopes until you get to the bottom of the hill. Be cautious with your feet If you fall off one of these heights could be fatal.

Follow this road, and you’ll come across your Mottled Necklace Talisman. It is also possible to fight with a Crucible Knight who is at the end of the bridge that is broken however, he will only drop 380 Runes after defeat, and There is nothing else to loot.

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