Eic Dan Roth Fischer Axios

Eic Dan Roth Fischer Axios

According to a statement from the editor-in-chief, _LinkedIn had created a team of creator managers to help grow the platform’s community of content creators.

Why it Matters: Substacks, OnlyFans, and TikTok all have led to a boom in investment from tech companies within the creator economy. Twitter bought a newsletter service platform, while Facebook has created TikTok competitions. You can find the latest features of LinkedIn from Contentrally.

They say this: “Creators are the driving force behind LinkedIn,” tweeted Dan Roth. He is the editor-in chief of the company.

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“Creators are the ones who start things and create original posts and stories. Roth tweeted, “Increasing followers; sharing new news and linking to demonstrate why they are worthwhile our time.” “

Roth said that he’s looking for a head/of-community who will report to him. “

LinkedIn posted the job listing. It states that they are starting a team in support of content creators. Our mission is to source, nurture, and elevate these important voices. “

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